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Pagan Gods

Pagan Gods

Inanomo Technologies LLC
Puzzle, Adventure


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Pagan Gods is a blockchain-based puzzle action game that utilizes the BSC and WAX networks with its cryptocurrency, FUR. The game takes place in a universe of Slavic legends, myths, and folklore. The players who start the game are the wayfarers who come to the Village in this mystical universe.


The game offers three different game modes for players: PvP, PvE, and Legends modes. In PvP mode, players compete and fight other wayfarers for glory and gold. These battles between players happen in real-time, and the probability of victory is calculated based on different aspects: the length of the player’s combinations in the combat system, the abilities of the warriors, and mainly, the skill and capabilities of the players.

The PvE mode consists of campaigns. Players can start a campaign from the tavern in the Village by recruiting five warriors for their squads. The best way to form a powerful squad is to combine warriors of the same race for additional racial bonuses. When basic warriors are sent to a difficult campaign, they will acquire greater rewards due to the difficulty level at end of the campaign.

There are six levels of rarity in the game for warriors, weapons, and Familiars (supernatural entities); ordinary, unusual, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical. NFTs with a high rarity level will increase progress in the game and indirectly increase profits. Also, each warrior has a certain quantity of levels to achieve. The number of accessible levels depends on the rarity of a warrior. For example, an ordinary warrior can be leveled up to 40 to 50 levels while a mythical warrior can be 100 to 110 levels. 

Players can equip their warriors with armor, and weapons, and they have the same rarity levels just like warriors. These equipable items can be timeworn, and lose durability over time. If that’s the case, players should repair these NFT items to use on their warriors. 

Token Information

Pagan Gods uses the FUR token as its official cryptocurrency. Players can earn FUR tokens by completing daily tasks, winning PvP, and PvE battles, participating in the events, and from the exchange markets. The FUR token can be used to purchase in-game NFT assets such as weapons, armor, and warriors.

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