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Pancake Mayor

Pancake Mayor

Strategy, Simulation


$2.13379 $2.13379 (2.06%)
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0x0e09...e81ce82
Arbitrum 0x1b89...2c1bA2c
Aptos 0x159d...CakeOFT
zkSync Era 0x3A28...031cEcD
Polygon 0x0D1E...25bEFBe
Linea 0x0D1E...25bEFBe
Base 0x3055...42013A1



$570.19 M

Market Cap


Volume (24h)
Performance (7d)


Pancake Mayor, unveiled by PancakeSwap during its marketplace launch, is a city-building simulation blockchain game developed by BinaryX. Set in a vibrant virtual world, Pancake Mayor offers players an engaging blend of strategy and entertainment. Players dive into the role of city planners, utilizing the game's native currency, Mayor Cash, to construct and upgrade cities across 250 levels. With mini-games, special events, and seamless integration of NFTs from PancakeSquad and Bunnies, Pancake Mayor promises a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.


In Pancake Mayor, players embark on a journey to develop their cities using Mayor Cash. Each city comprises multiple buildings that can be upgraded through the expenditure of Mayor Cash, earned through various in-game activities. Players can participate in mini-games like Spin the Wheel, which awards additional Mayor Cash and tools crucial for city defense. Special events such as CAKE Blast and Raid Madness offer players opportunities to earn rewards, including the coveted CAKE cryptocurrency, enhancing both gameplay depth and reward diversity.

The integration of PancakeSquad and Bunnies NFTs allows players to personalize their in-game avatars and unlocks potential future interactions with the PancakeSwap NFT community. Players can team up for guild raids, competing collectively for rewards and recognition. The game's economy is supported by CAKE, facilitating purchases of Mayor Cash and other in-game enhancements, with crypto rewards available for withdrawal or reinvestment, further enriching the player experience.

Token Information

CAKE serves as a pivotal token within Pancake Mayor's ecosystem. Players can utilize CAKE to acquire Mayor Cash, enhancing their city-building capabilities and gameplay progression. A percentage of CAKE spent within the game contributes to various aspects of its ecosystem.

Furthermore, a portion of all spending in the Crazy Vault contributes to PCS and BinaryX, supporting continued game innovation and sustainability. This tokenomics framework ensures a balanced and rewarding ecosystem for players and stakeholders alike.

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