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Pancake Protectors

Pancake Protectors

Arcade, Strategy


$2.13379 $2.13379 (2.06%)
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0x0e09...e81ce82
Arbitrum 0x1b89...2c1bA2c
Aptos 0x159d...CakeOFT
zkSync Era 0x3A28...031cEcD
Polygon 0x0D1E...25bEFBe
Linea 0x0D1E...25bEFBe
Base 0x3055...42013A1



$570.19 M

Market Cap


Volume (24h)
Performance (7d)


Pancake Protectors is a tower-defense strategy blockchain game developed through a collaboration between PancakeSwap and Mobox, prominent protocols on the BNB Chain. Launched in May 2023, the game has quickly gained popularity, drawing up to 25,000 daily players. It integrates PancakeSwap's native token, CAKE, allowing players to earn rewards while enjoying strategic gameplay elements.


In Pancake Protectors, players take on the role of a commander defending Pancake Main City from surrounding enemies. The game revolves around placing stationary heroes strategically on maps to fend off incoming waves of foes. Each battle requires players to protect their base camp by deploying heroes strategically, utilizing their unique abilities to thwart enemy advances. Players can recruit heroes from four factions—Sun, Storm, Star, and Light—each with distinct attributes and abilities.

The gameplay features a seasonal settlement system, refreshing leaderboards every 14 days. Players can participate in various activities like Expedition Road adventures, Peak Arena battles, and Relics Exploration to earn rewards and enhance their heroes' capabilities. The game also includes a robust social aspect with Legions, where players can join or create alliances to collaborate in Legion Trials and collective tasks for additional rewards.

Token Information

Pancake Protectors operates on a tokenomics model where CAKE tokens are integral to gameplay. Players can spend CAKE within the game to recruit heroes, purchase enhancements, unlock Battle Passes, and stake for additional resources such as Gold and EXP. A significant portion of spent CAKE tokens is redistributed: 70% returns to users through seasonal rewards, 12.5% is burned, 5% goes to Mobox, and the remaining 12.5% is allocated for future developments.

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