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Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack

Dinola Studio LLC
Strategy, RPG
Not available


Pepper Attack is a play-to-earn turn-based blockchain strategy game where players can earn MYTE tokens and own NFT assets on the Polygon network. The game allows players to collect items, battle in adventures, and mine resources. It is available to play on browsers.


Pepper Attack features NFT characters that are playable and act as an avatar for the player. There are six characters; Chilli, Bell, Purira, Habanero, Reaper, and Ghost. Each of them has different classes, such as a warrior or a sorcerer, and rarities like common, rare, epic, and legendary. These affect the characters’ attributes which can vary wildly. Each character has a primary stat that determines their playstyle. Boosters increase the attribute points of a character by two to five, which depends on their growth points. Growth points are indicated by stars on the character cards. The higher the rarity of a card, the higher the growth points will be. There are also mystic pepper NFTs that can be used to mine MYTE tokens.

Adventure mode consists of players forming a team of five NFT characters and tackling missions in order. Players will encounter random monsters which can drop consumable items, ingredients, weapons, and armors upon defeat. All enemies must be defeated in a match in order to achieve victory. As long as the team has enough health points, players can continue playing. Each NFT character’s health points will be restored to full every three hours. 

The gameplay cycles are divided into seasons that last for two weeks. Each season, there will be several tournaments that reward players with ranking points to be placed on the seasonal leaderboard. Points gained are dependent on the difficulty of the matches, and losing still rewards one point. At the end of the season, the top one thousand players will be rewarded MYTE tokens.

Token Information

MYTE token allows players to purchase in-game items and assets such as characters, food, booster, and lands from the marketplace. It can be mined and earned from successful participation in different game modes. It can also be staked for further profits.

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