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Dragon Dream Studio
Card, Strategy
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PinupWarlords is a play-to-earn NFT fast-paced trading card game that utilizes the WAX blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, HEELS. In PinupWarlords players will take control of squads of warlike pinup women NFT characters in exclusively PvP modes, with fast-paced card-battle matches and strategy gameplay to earn crypto tokens and monetize their rewards.


PinupWarlords takes place in a fictional WWIII environment in the future. The game is exclusively PvP and requires NFT characters or tokens to be staked in order to play. This Play for NFT gameplay also incorporates permanent NFT death in case of failure and players may lose their NFTs if they lose against their opponents which ensures scarcity of NFTs and higher value for NFT assets.

In the grand scheme of things, players' objectives are to conquer territory on a strategic level on the World map with scarce resources to earn passive rewards. To play players will need to own 5 cards from among 12 classes belonging to different factions to start playing initially. 

Forming a squad from the same faction will bring greater tactical advantages so players can earn higher in-game rewards by completing faction card sets. They will also be able to add heavy weapons, some of which include tanks, planes, and artillery, which require specific NFTs like pilots, tank drivers, and so on. These NFTs will also gain experience, level up, and increase in value as they survive battles.

A Battle Squad is made up of 5 cards out of those 12 classes. Each squad must be composed of different classes with only one class of NFT character allowed per squad. Every NFT has its battle experience (XP) as they win battles and will retain them even if they change hands. 

In gameplay’s core lies two factors. Max Fire Power and Initiative. A Squad has a specific value for each number. This value depends on the Squad’s composition. A higher MFP results in higher damage but if players lack the Initiative they will run out of actions very quickly and can be outmaneuvered on the card table. Players can go for a high DPS deck of squads or the opposite, or they can find a good balance between these two. These mechanics allow the players with tactical opportunities and they can come up with their own strategies. 

Some of the examples for these classes are; troopers, players' standard grunts, and DPS dealers. These can be formed into armies if they number a total of 10, and also play a role in the grand territory conquering mode or nurses who act as supports on the battlefield. Some other items in the game such as tanks or planes require pilot or tank driver NFT cards. There are also class cards for niche roles that provide unique combat opportunities such as paratrooper or sniper. Players can also assign squad leaders known as officers that give unique bonuses to their squads. But these must be staked for their initial benefits and there’s always a risk of losing them in the battle.

The winner of the match is the one who inflicted the most damage during the game. The battle concludes after card classes set of playing order and 5 rounds (that can be extended via special cards such as a Colonel) the winner is determined and the NFT territory will be transferred to the winning player. 

Not to forget that the objective of the game is to conquer the maximum number of cities for glory or income. Each conquered city gets a percentage of the strategy pool paid in WAX tokens native to WAX blockchain. All cities are profit centers that return a percentage of the total strategy game pool staked to players as a source of passive income. Furthermore, Some cities have specialties, some are centers of production, natural resources center, commodities center, or political influence center. 

Specialized cities produce items necessary to attack, defend, move, or produce various game elements that increase players' chances of winning. A very important aspect of the game is that players will be able to create NFTs based on mined or produced items and resell them on marketplaces.

HEELS token farming will remain exclusively on the PVP card game. However, its utilities will be dramatically increased and it will play a paramount role in the strategic game. For example, players will need the HEELS tokens to cross cities and pay tolls to the city owner to reach their objective. City owners determine their toll prices, and players may choose to either pay the toll or attack and attempt to conquer the city. Players will need to strategize and decide whether to potentially drain their army or pay the toll to avoid a battle and continue their path to their objective. Class NFT cards are also required to convert them into armies, tank brigades, etc.

Every single class NFT will have a specific and unique role in the converted mode in the strategy game. Such as 5 troopers or one level 5 trooper converts to 1 army unit that can conquer territory. They can also be reconverted back into NFTs at any time.

The token will be obtained by a process known as “mining by battling”, which means that players obtain HEELS by participating in PvP. As well as the added bonus of playing to the top of the game’s weekly PvP leaderboard. The mining distribution ratio will be skewed.

in favor of those who have won PVP games. The greater the number of battles a player wins the more tokens they will receive as a bonus. It is necessary for players’ squads to have Ammo in order to battle. Ammo can be purchased at the armory. Following the battle, all of the Ammo fired during the fight is converted into HEELS tokens. 

Token Information

HEELS is the utility and governance token of the PinupWarlords. In territorial conquest, city defense can only be upgraded using HEELS. The more HEELS players vest into their city defense the higher the players' defense ratio. Further for those who own Warlords NFTs, the token will play a role in leadership designation in territorial conquests factions. Those staking the most token will take leadership of the whole faction. 

Owners of HEELS tokens will be able to participate in all aspects of the governance of the PinupWarlords DAO decision-making. Staking the HEELS token in the game allows players to make passive income provided there are active players in the game. Miners/players are rewarded in WAX tokens native to WAX blockchain with a portion of the transaction fees paid by players who conduct in-game transactions.

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