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Pirate X Pirate

Pirate X Pirate

ANKE Games
Adventure, Action


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Pirate X Pirate is a pirate-themed blockchain-based NFT adventure game that utilizes the BSC network with its cryptocurrencies GOLD and PXP. In the game, players form their fleet, recruit sea-hardened crew, harvest resources, and participate in sea battles against other pirates.


Pirate X Pirate consists of four different game modes; quest mode, adventure mode, PvP, and PvE mode. In the quest mode, players use their ship and its captain to complete the quest. Some quests also may require a crew with a certain set of skills to complete. Players try to complete the quest in a particular time period to earn rewards.

Adventure mode gives players a chance to own their land. Since the lands are very limited in Pirate X Pirate, the first pirate who finds a new land through their adventures will be able to claim the land for himself. Each claimed land comes with different resources; the bigger the island, the more plot available for the growth of the land. Players can build different kinds of buildings on their land plots. 

In PvE, and PvP modes, players participate in sea battles by controlling their ships. The battles happen in turn-based mechanics with dice rolling. Players roll six dice with different symbols on them; cannon (attack), wind (evade), hammer (heal, defend), and skull (wild, special). The symbols they get as a result of rolling the dice are necessary for them to be able to use their attack, defense, or buff cards since each action card requires a certain amount of symbols. For example, players must roll at least two dice with a hammer to play the card required for ship repair. If the players do not like the symbols obtained from the dice they roll, they can reroll them again. If they are satisfied with the symbols, they can lock their dice/symbols and take the desired action.

Token Information

Pirate X Pirate uses two tokens as its cryptocurrencies; GOLD, and PXP. PXP is the game’s primary utility token and can be used to buy, sell, or trade NFT assets on the marketplaces. On the other hand, GOLD can be obtained from quests, PvP, PvE, and adventure modes. GOLD can be traded for PXP tokens. 

In Pirate X Pirate, there are four main types of NFTs; crews, ships, ship parts, and lands/islands. Players need a ship, a crew, and some ship parts in order to play the game.

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IDO (GameStarter)
18-19 Feb 2022
20% at TGE, then 20% for monthly
Circulating Supply: 22,625,000
IDO (BinStarter)
18-18 Feb 2022
20% at TGE, then 20% for monthly

IDO (MoonStarter)
18-18 Feb 2022
20% at TGE, then 20% for monthly

Private Sale (MoonStarter)
9-9 Feb 2022
15% at TGE, 1 month cliff, then 8 months vesting

Private Sale (Kommunitas)
8-8 Feb 2022
15% at TGE, 1 month cliff, then 8 months vesting

Seed Sale
6-9 Feb 2022
10% on TGE, 2 months Cliff, 10 months vesting


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