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Pizza Game

Pizza Game

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Pizza Game is a blockchain-based cooking and management simulator that utilizes the Avalanche network with its NFT assets, and cryptocurrencies, PIZZA, and SODA. To play the game, players must purchase a chef, and assign them to their pizzeria. By doing that, players automatically start to generate aka cook the PIZZA.


Pizza chefs are NFTs that can be minted and assigned to the pizzerias by players. There are two types of chefs; regular chefs and master chefs. Each regular chef produces one PIZZA every minute when they are staked in a pizzeria. Master chefs, however, can produce PIZZA 3 times faster than normal chefs. Since chefs are NFT assets, they can be bought, sold, or traded on the marketplaces by players. Players can only stake a maximum of 10 chefs in the pizzerias. As soon as they expand their pizzeria business, they can start to use more chefs to generate PIZZA.

Chefs can get fatigued if they work hard. When a chef generates more PIZZA, like master chefs who produce 3 PIZZAs per minute, they can get fatigued more easily. Fatigued chefs start to produce less pizza, eventually stopping their PIZZA production entirely due to fatigue. When a chef is fatigued, players can recover them by giving espresso shots. Espresso shots can reset the fatigue of all chefs to 0% for 0.1 SODA per total PPM (PIZZA per minute) of players’ pizzeria.

Players can increase their chefs’ PIZZA production capacity by providing tools to them. There are three NFT tools that players can use on their chefs; pizza peel, pizza cutter, and a pizza box. Each chef can only use one tool at a time. In the future, new tools for chefs will be added to the game. 

In Pizza Game, players can earn PIZZA even faster if they stake their PIZZA in the freezer. When players claim their PIZZA tokens from their pizzeria, 10% of the total claimed PIZZA goes to the freezer as a flat tax. Players can stake their PIZZA tokens in the freezer to get a discount on taxes. In addition to the freezer, the soda fountain is where players can get SODA tokens. To start producing SODA, players need to create a PIZZA-AVAX pair on Trader Joe and stake a certain amount of tokens in the soda fountain.

Token Information

Pizza Game uses two different cryptocurrencies with different purposes. SODA tokens can be used to improve pizzerias and buy tools for chefs. Players can earn SODA by staking the PIZZA-AVAX pair in the soda fountain. PIZZA is used to purchase chefs who will produce more PIZZA when they are assigned to a pizzeria. In the future, PIZZA-SODA pair will be added to Trader Joe, according to the development team.


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