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PlaceWar is a play-to-earn blockchain action strategy game where players can own NFTs and earn PLACE and GEAR tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can enter battle with their own tanks and land a spot in a canvas world called Placedonia. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


PlaceWar features a PvE adventure mode where players try to complete stages and progress. Players enter the battle by choosing three tanks and four items; they can carry three pieces from each item. The main goal is to defeat all enemy tanks within the round's time limit. PvP mode allows players to join matches and compete against each other. The winning condition and the gameplay rules are the same as the PvE mode. Guild war is the larger PvP mode that consists of 10v10 tank battles. Each battle participated drains the fuel bar of players. It acts as stamina and costs 4 fuel for every win, and 1 fuel is replenished every eighteen minutes.

There are various types of tanks in the game, each featuring different attributes and cosmetics. Medieval, heavy armor, rocket launcher, mech tank, amphibious are the five types that the players can own which feature two skills each. Every tank has five parts that affect its performance. Turret determines how much damage they deal, barrel determines their range, the engine provides mobility, armor provides defense, and tracks determine their dodge rate. New tanks can be crafted using materials, GEAR, and PLACE.

Players can own a piece from the canvas land of the PlaceWar world called Placedonia. The pixel system allows players to take a 300x300 spot in Placedonia. Players can buy this spot as an NFT, which provides additional bonuses such as increased earnings, buffs, and access to the conquest mode that allows players to invade others’ lands. Pixels can range from common, rare, epic, or legendary rarities. The closer players get to the center of Placedonia, the higher the rarity will be.

Token Information

PLACE is the governance token that allows voting for the holders of the token. It can be earned from staking and from in-game rewards. GEAR token is the in-game currency of PlaceWar. Players receive GEAR as a reward for successful in-game participation in various game modes. They can wager GEAR for guild war battles, pay for fuel tanks, and the crafting of all NFT items.

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