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Plant Empires

Plant Empires

Bravezone BVI


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Plant Empires is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game where players can own NFT plants and earn PEFI tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can collect plants and utilize them to defeat zombies, monsters, and bosses. The game features both PvE and PvP battles and is available on mobile devices.


Plant Empires features NFT items such as orbs, plants, and lands. Each plant has five main stats: health points, attack power, attack speed, defense, and farm speed. Plants are the only way to defeat enemy monsters in the game. Their rarities determine their unique capabilities and set of skills.

Each plant starts at one-star level; they can level up by gaining experience by defeating enemies. Once they reach a certain maximum level, they can evolve and become even more powerful than before. The evolving process requires tokens and other in-game items such as gold and shards.

Plants are defined by their class, which is divided into four different ones: DPS, tanker, farmer, and supporter. Players need to have a combination of DPS plants who deal damage, tankers who have superior health, farmers who are efficient, and supporters who heal in order to succeed in Plant Empires.

Plant rarities range from common to uncommon, rare, mythical, and legendary. Players can buy gacha chests in order to directly receive a plant. These chests have different levels ranging from gold to platinum, herald, ruby, and diamond, which contain plants from three to six star levels.

Orbs and lands act as secondary NFT items that serve as a boost to gameplay elements. Players can own land in order to farm with their plants. This results in harvestable tokens and items. Orbs and jewelry, on the other hand, allow players to upgrade their plants. These two consumables can be earned in PvE modes and minted into NFTs in order to sell them in the marketplace.

Orbs have four different categories: spirit orbs allow plants to recover mana faster, invasion orbs increase the attack power of plants, protect orbs give plants resistances, and nature orbs support farming plants. Orbs have the same rarity types as plants. Also, jewelry like shards, crystals, and holys can be collected to evolve plants later on when the player advances in the game.

Token Information

PEFI tokens are the native currency of Plant Empires and they have a finite supply. They can be used to open loot chests, buy plants on the marketplace, and for upgrades. They can also be staked for further benefits.

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