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Playermon is a play-to-earn blockchain-based adventure battler game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, PYM, and SGEM. In the game, players play as the captain of Starsailor, and a bounty hunter. After a series of events, Playermons trust the players and become their ultimate friends. Players can experience Playermons for free since the game gives generic Playermons to each newcomer at the beginning of the game. 


The game revolves around the journey, battles, and upgrades that the space creatures, Playermons, make together with the player. Each Playermon is unique and has special abilities and features. These space creatures have six different classes, such as inferno, aqua, nature, mythos, mech, and comet, which will determine their play styles and abilities. Classes possess advantages and disadvantages over other classes. For example, inferno and mythos classes deal 15% more damage to nature and mech Playermons. However, they take 15% more damage from aqua and comet enemies. Nature and mech classes deal 15% more damage to aqua and comet enemies, but they take 15% more damage from inferno and mythos Playermons. Aqua and comet classes deal 15% more damage to inferno and mythos enemies, however, they take 15% damage from nature and mythos enemies. 

Classes are also divided into roles within themselves. These roles dictate each Playermon’s unique role during the battle. Inferno and mech classes are the damage dealers or attackers of the game. They mainly focus on harming the enemy, thus, their attack power is much stronger than their defense power. Tanks are the damage absorbers, their main objective is to aggro the enemy, so they attack them instead of attackers or mages in their party. Nature and mythos classes have the tank role in Playermon. Their defense is high, but attack capabilities are limited. The mage role is divided between aqua and comet classes. Their main mission is to provide buffs and heals for their party and debuff the enemy to increase their taken-damage output by weakening their resistances and armor. Their most significant disadvantage is their low health pool and weak defensive skills.

Playermons come with different rarity levels, such as common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary, in addition to their classes and roles in the game. However, their rarity level does not improve their overall power. Instead, rarity levels are the price indicators of Playermons in the NFT marketplace of the game. 

Playermon has a turn-based card gameplay system with teams that consist of three Playermons. At the beginning of each battle, whether a PvE or a PvP battle, players must choose 3 Playermons for their team and position them strategically. In the battle, random ability cards are given to each player at the start of each turn. Afterward, players will have to choose action cards for their Playermons. The player will be victorious once the opponent has no standing Playermon left. The winner players earn SGEM tokens.

In the game, Space Colonial Bases are the homes of every player. These bases can unlock some bonus features for players, such as cross-planet mining, building a SpaceDen, etc. A higher level SpaceDen allows players to earn more taxes from other players. Also, Space Colonial Bases can be decorated with decorative and seasonal items that are designed by the community. 

Token Information

Playermon uses two different types of cryptocurrencies for different purposes. The PYM token is the governance token of the game, PYM holders can decide the future and the direction of the game. Also, players can use PYM tokens to purchase genesis eggs and crafting items, breed Playermons, build and upgrade SpaceDens, join open-world planet exploration dungeons, and expand Space Colonial Bases’ borders. 

The SGEM token is the in-game currency of Playermon. Players can use these tokens to purchase in-game NFT and non-NFT items and services, upgrade and breed Playermons, and craft and upgrade NFT items. SGEM tokens can be earned by completing quests and missions and defeating opponents in the game.


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