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PlayZap Games
Arcade, Metaverse, Puzzle
Not available


PlayZap is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain arcade metaverse where players can own NFT assets and earn PZP tokens on the Polygon network. The platform is community-driven and has skill-based multiplayer mini-games. Players can earn rewards by successfully participating in various competitions. The game is available on browsers and mobile platforms.


PlayZap has NFT characters called Z-Heroes. These heroes have different rarities that range from common, rare, premium, gold, and legend. Rarities determine their loyalty bonuses, entry fee discounts, and supply. Players can enter the ZapVerse with their Z-Heroes in order to participate in play-to-earn features, earn tokens, and access certain premium events. Players have a wide array of mini-games to choose from. These mini-games have different skill floors that are represented by a number before entering them so that the players can decide whether tackling the challenge is worth the hassle. 

On the other hand, Z-Arena provides a PvP multiplayer experience where the players can play and compete against each other. Z-Arena can host events such as tournaments with large reward pools and thousands of players, as well as 1v1 lobbies where the players can test themselves. Each single-player game featured on the ZapVerse can also be played with multiple players. 

Every player who has played any board, card, or arcade game beforehand will be very familiar with the mini-games that are featured in the ZapVerse. Games like solitaire, blackjack, Tetris, bingo, endless runners, bubble shooters, basketball, and flick soccer are just a few of the many that are featured. Each of these games has a competitive ladder and a matchmaking system that allows players to go head-to-head against each other.

NFT characters and items can be bought, traded, and exchanged in the in-game marketplace. Other than NFT heroes, players can buy land assets called Z-Land. They act as land plots where the players can host events and monetize others to earn revenue. Players can also lend these plots to other users, who can showcase their items or brands to the public.

Token Information

PZP token is the native token of PlayZap. It is used to fuel every process in the metaverse. Players can earn these tokens by scoring highly in events and tournaments. They can be used to buy NFT heroes, items, and land from the in-game marketplace. They can also be staked for further profits.


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Seed Round

IDO (TrustPad)-$0.12$142,5051,187,54215% TGE, then 17% each month
150,000,000Market cap: $480,000$18,000,000
Private (TrustPad)-$0.10$50,000500,00010% TGE, then 10% each month

Circulating Supply: 4,000,000
Private (MoonStarter)-$0.10$100,0001,000,00010% at TGE followed by monthly unlocks of 10%

Private (GameStarter)-$0.10$100,0001,000,00010% at TGE followed by monthly unlocks of 10%

Private-$0.10$2,250,00022,500,00010% TGE, cliff 1 month,later linear vesting over 10 months

Seed-$0.08$500,0006,250,0008% TGE, cliff 1 month, later linear vesting over 12 month


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