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Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monster
RPG, Strategy, Card


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Polychain Monsters is a decentralized play-to-earn collectible turn-based RPG that utilizes multiple chains with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, PMLG and PMON. In Polychain Monsters, players can collect Polymons, explore the metaverse, battle with monsters, and engage in PvP against other players while earning virtual prizes.


In Polymon, players collect NFT cards in the form of creatures called Polymons and Exomons. Each card represents a monster with its own set of stats and abilities. The cards are divided into different rarities, and players can obtain them in various ways, such as by buying them in the marketplace, winning them in battles, or opening card packs. The cards can also be leveled up and evolved over time, which increases their stats and abilities.

Players can also join or create teams, trade and sell cards with other players, participate in tournaments and special events, and take part in PvE and PvP. The game also has a social aspect, where players can interact with each other, share strategies and tips, and build a community around the game. The game will have a leaderboard and a ranking system, where the top players will be able to earn rewards and recognition.

There are several different types of "Polymons" in the game, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities. For example, the lowest-tier Polymons are common Polymons. They are the most basic type of polymons and are relatively easy to obtain. They have lower stats and abilities compared to other types of Polymons. While the legendary Polymons are the rarest and most powerful type of polymons. They have unique abilities and the highest stats of all the polymons and are considered the most valuable. They have different stats ranging from base HP to attack, speed, and defense; they also have special skills, and they can evolve, changing their appearance and skills in the process.

The battles in the game are conducted in a 1v1 format, where players pit their polymons against each other in a fight to the finish. In a battle, each player starts with a set number of health points and takes turns to attack and defend. Each Polymon has its own set of stats and abilities that determine its attack and defense capabilities. Players can use different strategies and tactics to outsmart their opponents and come out victorious. Players can use different cards to attack, defend, or use special abilities during their turn. Each card has its own cost to use it, and players can use the cards they have in their hand to build their strategy. Players can also use energy points to boost their polymons' abilities or use special abilities during the battle. When a player's polymon's health points reach zero, it is defeated, and the opponent wins the battle. Battles can be timed, and the player with the most health points when the time runs out wins the match. Players can earn rewards such as experience points, energy points, and in-game currency for winning battles, which they can use to level up their polymons, acquire new cards, and improve their deck.

Players can also access challenges by navigating to the challenges section of the game. There, they can find a list of different challenges with varying difficulty levels. Each challenge requires a different set of polymons, and players will have to use a specific deck of polymons to participate in the challenge. Players can earn rewards such as experience points, in-game currency, and new polymons for completing challenges. The challenges can be daily, weekly, or special events that are only available for a limited time. The challenges can be single-player or multiplayer, where players can compete against each other to see who can complete the challenges the fastest. 

In Polychain Monsters, there are several ways for players to earn money, rewards, and prizes in the game. Battles: Players can earn rewards such as experience points, energy points and in-game currency for winning battles, which they can use to level up their polymons, acquire new cards and improve their deck. Challenges: Players can earn rewards such as experience points, in-game currency, and new polymons for completing challenges. Tournaments: Players can participate in tournaments and special events, where they can compete against other players for rewards and prizes. Tournaments can have entry fees, and the prize pool is distributed among the top-performing players. Selling cards: Players can sell their cards on the marketplace, where they can set their own prices and negotiate with other players. They can earn money by selling their valuable or rare cards to other players Staking: Players can stake their polymons to earn rewards, similar to how staking works in other blockchain-based games. By staking their polymons, players can earn rewards in the form of in-game currency and other bonuses.

Polychain Monsters also offer lands as a way of generating passive income.  Polychain Islands is a feature that allows players to own and manage their own island in the game. Players can acquire an island by purchasing one from the marketplace or by winning one in a tournament or special event. Players can customize their island by adding buildings and structures, and they can also invite other players to visit their island. They can also earn rewards by having other players visit their island. Players can also earn rewards by staking their islands. By staking their island, players can earn rewards in the form of in-game currency and other bonuses. Players can also earn NFTs and other bonuses by completing island-related challenges, and they can also participate in island-related tournaments and special events.

Token Information

PMON is the main token that runs the Polyverse, it can be used for booster pack openings, farming and the upcoming play-to-earn games and can be rewarded in-game. PMLG token is a token used to mint Genesis islands which have a unique design and layout, and have special features and bonuses that are not available on other islands, it and can be earned by staking. The PML token enables players to mint a Personal Island, which acts as a buildable NFT containing important Polychain Island resources. PMR token is used for rainbow fusion and can also be earned through farming and staking. Rainbow Fusion is a deflationary functionality that will allow collectors to merge five or six base-type Polymon of different colors and the same type into a new, much-rarer Rainbow Polymon.


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