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Pooky is a play-to-earn football prediction sports NFT game that utilizes the Polygon blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, POK and TPK. In Pooky, players will use NFT 3D Pookyballs to make predictions, gain experience points, and battle for the top position on the Pooky Leaderboards while earning and monetizing their rewards.


Pooky's major goal is to anticipate the precise score of football matches from the world's most prestigious leagues and tournaments. Players make predictions using 3D NFT Pookyballs to earn experience points (PXP) and compete for the top spot on the Pooky Leaderboards. Players may level up, customize, create, and enhance the worth of their Pookyballs as they advance through the levels to receive more rewards.

Each Pookyball grants its owner the right to predict the outcomes of the world's major football leagues and tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and others.

There are two game modes for the Pooky. The core predictive gameplay of Pooky is for players to predict the exact score of football matches in their favorite leagues and tournaments. Pooky balls are used by players to make predictions. For each right or partially correct prediction, players get points. Each Pookyball has a unique attribute that increases the number of points awarded for right predictions, such as offensive or defensive predictions.

The game features a free-to-play mode for players to try out the game with limited rewards. In F2P, players make predictions with the two free Pooky Balls they receive on sign-up and gain limited rewards depending on their success. In play-and-earn mode, players make predictions using digital collectible NFT Pookyballs. Players can gain more points and higher rewards as they advance up the leaderboards in this full version of the game.

Points are awarded to players based on the accuracy of their predictions. Points are granted in a variety of ways. The kind is determined by the forecast's accuracy and the attributes of the digital collectible NFT Pookyballs used to generate the prediction. These rewards can be:

- Boosted Points: the most important point-scoring mechanism in Pooky. Boosted points are calculated by the attributes of Pookyballs. Boosted points are used to rank players on boosted leaderboards. 

- Base Points: calculated on pre-match odds only. Base Points do not take into account the Boost effect of Pookyballs. Base points are used to rank players on base leaderboards. 

- Experience Points (PXP): calculated based on boosted points and Pooky ball rarity. PXP is used to level up Pookyballs. PXPs are awarded in relation to a player's ranking on the Boosted or Entry Leaderboards. 

- POK Token: awarded in relation to a player’s ranking on the boosted and base leaderboards.

Rewards are distributed at the end of a competition matchday based on leaderboard rankings. For Pookyball owners, each football league and tournament features two leaderboards, such as two for Serie A, two for the Premier League, and so on. Leaderboards are completed each match week; for example, in a standard season in France, there will be 38 leaderboards, one for each of the 38 matchweeks. In Pooky, each league and event has its own rewards pool. Since players don't bet anything to make these predictions, the only thing they’ll be needing is an NFT Pookyball to begin playing. This model encourages social interaction around the world's most popular sports without any of the downsides associated with traditional gambling. 

Token Information

POK is a gameplay token for the early version of Pooky. It is a one-token economic model for the game that is used for all in-game actions and purchases alongside games and other resources such as experience points. POK can be used to level up Pookyballs to upgrade them for higher rewards, manufacture items that can boost players' earnings, ascend Pookyballs to the next rarity tier, or breed them, as well as to purchase items and NFTs from Pooky’s primary marketplace or trade with other players. In time, Pooky will switch over to the TPK token, a capped token that will ensure the stability of the game’s economy and can be instantly liquidated on other decentralized exchanges.


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