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Potion Seller
Strategy, RPG


$236.15624447 (-0.87%)
Developer Potion Seller
Market Cap $38.56 B
Volume $985.28 M
Website potionseller.io


Potion Seller is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy role-playing game where players can trade NFT assets and earn BNB tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players collect ingredients, create potions, and sell them. The game is available to play on browsers.


Potion Seller allows players to take the role of a wizard’s apprentice. They are given a default store in the magic center town. Each day, clients show up and look for unique potions. Players need to sell the correct potion that fits the client’s needs. There will be clients such as farmers who need to increase their crops or partygoers looking for a cure for their headaches. These offers are randomized and occur every day. Players can either accept or reject them.

The main gameplay loop consists of four main actions; buying ingredients, brewing potions, storing potions, and selling potions. There are three groups of ingredients; animals (scorpion double tail, frog horn), vegetables (blue apple, mandrake root), and minerals (citrine quartz, black tourmaline). A variety of potions are made using the recipes containing these ingredients. Each potion that the players hold in their stock can grant magic power or improve the inventory. There are potions such as best harvest, happy cow, ache shooter, rats repellent, take over hangover, and lovesickness. NFT items such as grimoires, cauldrons, and amulets are needed for crafting potions. They come in different rarities like common, uncommon, rare, epic, sacred, and mythic. The rarer the NFT items, the higher the quality of a potion.

Storing potions acts as a booster for earnings. The total value of a player’s inventory is calculated which allows the game to determine the player’s magic power. Growing a collection of potions results in getting more offers and benefits as time goes on. Players can decide whether to accept a certain offer that would be worth it in terms of RODO earnings.

Token Information

There is no native token in Potion Seller, the game utilizes BNB as the main token. BNB is used to purchase RODO directly from the marketplace. RODO is an in-game currency that is not a cryptocurrency. Players will earn RODO from potion making and sales, they can be converted to BNB at a fixed exchange rate.


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Potion Seller

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