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Power Ball Crypto Ltd
Sports, Strategy

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Developer Power Ball Crypto Ltd
Website pwrball.io


Power Ball is a multi-chain play-to-earn sports game where players can own Power Squad NFTs and earn PWR tokens through their skills and strategy. It is a turn-based finger soccer game played with squads of five. The game will be available on both mobile and PC.


Power Ball takes place in Chain City, which is divided into seven sections. They are Superbia, Lubido, Livor, Lucrum, Edacit, Iram, and Pigriti. Each of these sections contains stadiums that the players can buy. The matches are played live in these stadiums, where owners can profit from ticket sales. To enter the stadium, players should purchase entry tickets for every Power Squad NFT they own.

Power Squads are teams of five. There are different categories of the squads, such as animals, cyborgs, and humans, and their rarities range from common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. The rarer the players, the higher their energy and power levels will be. Each game uses one unit of stamina energy regardless of the match's outcome. The power level indicates the strength of a player; it determines how hard and far the ball can go.

Players can aim and shoot the ball in their desired direction using their team character. Clicking on one's own squad character and dragging the mouse backward is how players set their aim and releasing the mouse shoots the ball. Both players take turns and try to score goals using their character positions strategically. Every match lasts for three minutes, and the highest-scoring player will be the victor.

Besides player versus player mode (PVP), Power Ball offers player versus computer mode (PVC) with three difficulty options as well as tournament mode, where players can participate in a series of matches for the ranks on the leader board. Players can also bet on other matches to predict the result of the games for some prizes.

Token Information

PWR tokens are earnable by winning matches. Having a draw will result in splitting the $PWRreward. The tokens are utilizable as players can purchase the Squad NFTs on the marketplace, types of equipment, formations, and others. Another way to utilize $PWR is through staking.

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Power Ball

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