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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
PEA Team


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Prelax is a play-to-earn blockchain role-playing game where players can own NFT characters and earn PEAX tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can participate in battles, upgrade their characters, and generate revenue from the game. The game is available to play on PC and mobile platforms.


Prelax takes place in PEA land, which features four clans; The Unicorn Assassin (Unias), The Dragon Knight (Drani), The Scepter Warrior (Septer), and The Cannon Hunter (Canier). At the start of the game, players will break a soul stone randomly and be placed in one of the clans that feature different playstyles. Unias are assassins that can use dart swords, Drani are knights who can fly with their wings, Septer are warriors who can wield heavy weapons, and Canier are hunters that can use long-range cannons.

NFT fusion system is a way for players to upgrade their NFT characters. Two of the same characters which have the same levels and names can be merged into a higher-level one. Players need to pay a fee in PEAX tokens to go through with the process. However, the fusion process can fail, and it has lower success rates at higher levels. 

PvE mode allows players to participate in fights against AI-controlled monsters. Players can select which monster to fight against based on the monsters' power levels. There is no gas cost per fight, and there is no penalty for losing. Winning fights award tokens which can be withdrawn after ten days.

The online PvP battles feature solo and team battle modes. Both modes allow six players in an arena. The Solo mode is a free-for-all mode where the top three players receive rewards, and the team battle mode is a 3v3 fight where the winning team receives rewards. The losing sides in both modes don’t receive any penalties.

Token Information

PEAX tokens can be used in the marketplace to buy NFT characters and as a payment currency for the fusion process. The marketplace can also be used to trade NFT characters. Also, NFT characters can be staked for further profits in PEAX tokens.

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