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RPG, Strategy, Simulation


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Prospectors is a play-to-earn real-time economic strategy game on the EOS and WAX blockchain network. The game uses a currency called Prospectors Gold (PGL) that forms the basis of the game’s economy.


In Prospectors, players have access to resources, land, and tools. They have to pay taxes to the state for using the land. These payments allow for the development of the game world. Every player controls three characters. These are workers who act on orders from the player. Players can team up and form unions and commercial organizations which will allow them to communicate and work efficiently. 

Mining is available to players; they can mine coal, iron, clay, wood, stone, and gold. Workers can use tools or even bare hands to extract. Players can construct mines and quarries to speed up and improve the process. In addition, players can develop their businesses by building factories and other industrial buildings. This will allow them to create specific equipment and materials. Producing materials, tools, and vehicles is necessary to progress.

Token Information

Players can sell or use everything they produce, and buy everything they need from the marketplace. This creates a cycle and results in an in-game economy. Each player can earn money, search for gold, sell goods, transport products, work for other players, and start up their own business. Gold is an in-game resource that acts as a token. It can be converted anytime to PGL tokens.


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