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Puffverse is a blockchain metaverse that utilizes the PUFF tokens that allow players to experience different content in various scenarios using their NFT characters. Puffverse offers players a fun and engaging gameplay experience with cooperative missions, a player-driven marketplace, and the added benefits of blockchain technology. The game is available on mobile and PC platforms.


In Puffverse, players collect and trade Puffs, cute and colorful creatures with unique attributes and abilities. The main NFT that serves as the core asset in Puffverse is called Puff. Each NFT asset is unique to the character and its corresponding appearance combination. Users can mint NFTs through our official website, via the secondary market in the future, or by participating in the upcoming Puff campaign and activities.

Players can collect multiple characters with unique and diverse costumes, various characteristics, skills, bonuses, and more. Each character also has distinct specialties for different scenarios, such as specific skills, exclusive bonuses, and so on. Players can actually own, buy, sell, and trade the resources they acquire in-game, and the assets they own can be used in the products of the ecosystem to play, earn, or experience character life simulation. Each scene has its own mechanism and settings, and with the development of Puffverse, more products and use cases will be added.

The characters in the Puffverse have eight parts: head, upper body, lower body, face, pattern, skin color, background, and facial expression. Each NFT asset is unique with a random combination of these 8 parts. Users can purchase NFT assets through the official website, on the secondary market, via events, or by hatching them from other NFTs.

Players can use Puffs to participate in battles against other players or in cooperative missions to defeat powerful bosses. The game also features a casual gameplay experience where players can interact with their Puffs and participate in mini-games. Players can feed, play, and train their Puffs to increase their stats and abilities.

Puffverse uses blockchain technology to ensure the security and authenticity of each Puff NFT. The game also offers players the opportunity to earn rewards by participating in various activities, such as completing missions, battling other players, or participating in community events.

Token Information

Puffverse uses a cryptocurrency called PUFF as its main governance token. It can be used to purchase Puffs from the marketplace, as well as items and upgrades to enhance the gameplay experience. PUFF can also be earned by participating in various activities within the game.


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