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Pulsar is a play-to-earn free-to-play massively multiplayer real-time strategy blockchain game where players can own NFT lands and earn PLSR tokens. The game combines the mechanically and economically complex gaming experience of RTS titles like Starcraft with a truly massively multiplayer world, and you have Pulsar. Players can mine, build, and conquer lands with hundreds of other players in real time and fight against both the alien inhabitants of Pulsar and their neighboring empires.


Pulsar allows players to mine and extract rare resources from their land. There are twelve raw resource types on Pulsar and raw PLSR tokens that are used as currency and base materials for crafting and building. Refined raw material into on-chain assets can be sold for $PLSR, traded for other assets, or used for crafting new NFTs. Players can build and craft structures and units to expand their mining, production, building, and combat capabilities. They can also battle aliens and other players for PvP and PvE combat experiences. The main goal for players is to loot, trade, level up, and upgrade to become the most powerful territory on Pulsar.

Land NFTs are called biomes and have four types. Each biome has a few attributes, such as land size, token quantity, resources, resource rarity, and security rating. The size of the land dictates the minimum and maximum range of PLSR tokens that are contained in the biome. The size also determines the number of motherships and units that can operate on that land.

Resources are divided into three rarities: common, uncommon, and rare. Common resources are good for keeping up a basic economy, uncommon resources allow players to develop advanced equipment, and rare resources are competition-ready materials that help the player immensely.

The security rating of the land dictates the spawn rate of the PvE monsters and the amount of resources on the biome. Higher-security biomes have lower spawn rates and resource ratios, while the mid- and low-security rates have a balanced and higher rate of enemies and loot.

Landowners can lend their NFTs to other players and make them pay taxes. They can tax all players who extract and sell resources on that land. If the landowner has a mothership, they can assign their NFT to the best-performing players to act on the landowner's behalf; nonetheless, the landowner will still receive taxes if this happens.

Buildings in Pulsar are used to refine raw materials and PLSR tokens, manufacture unit NFTs, and allow users to research and upgrade their existing NFTs. There are a number of units that range from miners to combat units such as spider tanks and motherships.

Token Information

PLSR token is the primary currency in Pulsar and the most important resource that can be mined. Raw pulsar will be extracted from the land and refined into PLSR tokens by using miner units and NFT refineries. There is a limited circulating supply of NFTs with the ability to extract and refine PLSR tokens.


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