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Puzzle Crusher

Puzzle Crusher

Puzzle, Arcade
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Puzzle Crusher is a puzzle-platformer blockchain game developed by Gamescan under Seascape Network's initial projects. The game features over 200 levels with unique challenges and rewards, combining platforming action with resource management to offer an engaging experience for players of all skill levels. It is available on mobile devices.


Puzzle Crusher presents players with a grid of interactive tiles, each with specific functions essential for solving the game's puzzles. Multi-Tiles enable double jumps to reach higher platforms. Bridge Triggers reveal hidden paths necessary for progressing through complex levels. Spring Tiles propel characters across large gaps, aiding in strategic traversal. Teleport Tiles instantly transport characters between points, enhancing tactical movement and puzzle-solving.

As players advance, they encounter increasingly complex tile types and puzzle mechanics, maintaining engagement and fostering skill development. Character customization is crucial, with unlockable skins that affect both appearance and gameplay. Upgrading characters using in-game currency adds a layer of strategic planning and personalization.

Efficient resource management is vital. Key resources like Hearts provide extra attempts at difficult stages, while rewinds allow players to undo moves. Checkpoints protect progress in challenging puzzles, and Hints offer guidance when puzzles become too difficult.

Players can upgrade buildings such as the House, Farm, and Garden to enhance power-ups needed for tougher levels. Each upgrade provides benefits like faster resource recovery or better hints, helping players tackle increasingly difficult puzzles confidently.

Additionally, Puzzle Crusher allows players to create and share custom maps by staking tokens, earning revenue from their creations. NFT avatars, which are customizable and tradable, provide economic opportunities within the game ecosystem, boosting player engagement and community interaction.

Puzzle Crusher is currently available on iOS and Android devices, combining platforming skills and strategic depth. While Web3 integrations are being developed, players can already enjoy the captivating world of Puzzle Crusher on their mobile devices.

Token Information

Puzzle Crusher leverages blockchain technology to enhance gameplay through its token utility system. Adopting a play-to-earn model, dedicated gameplay can lead to potential token airdrops, giving players in-game advantages. Tokens are essential for purchasing resources and power-ups, offering competitive benefits in the game's challenges.

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