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R-Planet Team
Simulation, Strategy
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R-Planet is a play-to-earn space-themed base management and building strategy game with blockchain network integration. Players are expected to manage their space base in an unknown area in the R-Planet and develop reservoirs of resources to construct different buildings to create a base. By combining simple elements, players can discover new elements and process them in the market.


In the metaverse, the animals of R-Planet’ve divided into three different factions each with its own agenda. At the beginning of the game, players will choose which faction they want to play for. This is the first but not the last decision that players will have to make during their adventure in R-Planet.

Three factions, Masterminds, Warriors, and Renegades, have their own characteristics and objectives: Masterminds rely on their technological knowledge and advanced robotics, they know that peace can only be achieved with a powerful army. Warriors are fearless warmongers, they live by the code of honor and glory. Renegades are cunning and devious, they won’t hesitate to turn their backs to their friends if they have no use for them.

These three factions’ contribute to evolving R-Planet to be a wealthy planet attracted the attention of space pirates, The Ahnangs. The Ahnangs attacks ruthlessly to the bases of R-Planet inhabitants to acquire their resources. They want to deplete R-Planet’s resources, and to do that, they don’t hesitate to destroy whatever or whomever they face.

Token Information

The game uses Aether as its in-game currency. Players can use Aether to buy the elements from the market. To earn Aether, players can stake NFTs to increase their mining power and collect Aether or simply buy it. Every hour, Aether is deposited into players’ depot, and the amount players can receive is decided by their mining power. 


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