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Rabona team
Sports, MMO

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Developer Rabona team
Website rabona.io


Rabona is an MMO football management game with its in-game currency, RBN, that utilizes the Hive blockchain network. Players lead their football clubs as managers and compete to be the best team of the league in the fantasy football world of Rabona. Players control and manage their football clubs’ in total freedom: players are responsible for building and developing their football clubs however they see fit. 


Players can decide how to create and improve their teams: they can take on the role of the head coach by developing the best strategy on the football field or become financial advisors by making financial decisions and signing advertisement contracts. They can build and expand their stadiums and facilities as club presidents, or they can analyze matches, players, and clubs as master analysts. Most importantly, they can satisfy their fans by winning matches against opponent clubs and climbing up in the league. 

In Rabona, just like in the real world, players sign contracts with football clubs, they can’t be owned forever. Football players can be too old to play due to aging. In this case, players, aka managers have to cancel these players’ contracts and scout new players to find the new star football player. In the game, football players’ statistics are generated randomly based on the Hive blockchain. This feature creates an opportunity for young football players to be the next superstars. 

The economic strength of the football club is as important as its performance. To increase the financial assets of the club, players can upgrade their stadiums’ seat capacity to attract more fans, sell licensed products such as jerseys and scarfs to earn more income, manage office buildings to reduce salary offers to football players and club staff, or improve their catering services to serve additional guests. Each little investment or strategic budgeting can help players to manage their clubs’ financial assets in the long run. 

Token Information

Rabona’s in-game currency, RBN, can be earned by playing the game: by being a profitable football club at the end of each season, players can earn additional RBN tokens. Also, trading on the in-game exchange market with other clubs can create a chance to earn more RBN tokens for club managers.

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