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Rage Effect

Rage Effect

Goldon Studios
Action, Metaverse
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Rage Effect is a free-to-play, play-to-earn NFT FPS action game that utilizes the Solana blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, RGE. Rage Effect is a hybrid shooter, survival, and exploration game with fast-paced Counter-Strike-like dynamic gameplay and a guild system that encourages teamwork. Players will compete in a PvP and PvE environment to earn prizes and monetize their rewards and loot.


Rage Effect is a game with objective-based gameplay. The gameplay involves fast-paced action with many game modes. Players can pick from nine different maps. They may use these maps to learn their secrets, join forces with allies, and engage in teamwork to triumph. They can form their own guilds, invite their friends, and climb the levels together.

The maps include different settings and themes, such as Khrool Island, the Himalayas, Doomsday, Construction, Abandoned City, Desert, and Treasure Island. With additional maps being added and on the way. They're jam-packed with hidden secrets and riches, including hidden gun spots with loot, various stealth covers, and caches, giving gamers a unique experience each time they play.

Players may choose from an arsenal of weapons: snipers, assault rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, and many more in the game’s current 6 modes. These are classical FPS game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Capture the Flag, Domination, Demolition, and Gun Game.  

At the end of each round, players are awarded in-game cash as well as the game's cryptocurrency, RGE Tokens, based on their individual performance and the daily reward system. They may use these awards to buy stronger weapons, skins, vehicles, and so on in future rounds. Winning rounds gets players more money than losing, while completing objectives such as killing opponents earns them more tokens and coins.

The game has a large range of cosmetic NFTs available. These NFTs can't be lost in-game, and they can only be traded on third-party marketplaces. These are exclusive skins, camouflages, vehicle and weapon decorations, as well as badges and other accessories. There will be a variety of cosmetic NFTs available that will have no effect on gameplay, such as representative badges, in-game Easter Eggs, and trophies. The top 3 players on the monthly leaderboards will be awarded a collectible NFT per player. There are also exclusive NFTs for each season; a total of 4 collectible NFTs in each map with a 10% spawning chance can be found and minted by lucky players.

There are also NFT game assets that have a direct impact on gameplay and have to be bought in the marketplace. These are weapons and their crafting parts. Weapons, player and vehicle skins, armor, and vehicles like cars, planes, and helicopters that can be used in-game to tip the scales in the favor of the battle. 

The Customizer, Operators, and Loadout sections allow players to purchase and select the assets they want to use before a battle. The player's spawn zone acts as a secure avenue for objects to be equipped without being looted by other players, and NFT assets cannot be looted. Some of these NFTs can be upgraded or crafted with certain materials in the game’s Crafting Station. Players can use the in-game Rage Effect marketplace interface to purchase all tokenized game items using Rage Tokens RGE. 

Players can also form guilds to increase competitiveness. Each guild has three designations: leaders, officers, and members. Commanders from the top guilds will have higher voting powers in Rage Effect DAO and will have access to exclusive Rage Effect content, the same as rare NFT Holders. Rage Guilds can own Battle Arenas, which, as they get bigger, can be upgraded. Guilds might have access to extra quests, such as time-limited events, battles, and missions that are not otherwise accessible.

To earn passive income, players can acquire NFT RGE Battle Arenas. These Battle Arenas are playable land assets that are owned by players in the Rage Effect metaverse. Owners of arenas that host matches, tournaments, and special events get a fee from the game platform and participating teams. To attract more players, Battle Arenas can be updated by acquiring and building new and unique on-chain facilities.

Token Information

RGE is both used for its main utility and governance and can be exchanged on DEX markets. RGE holders will be able to claim rewards for staking their token, playing and winning PVP battles, achieving seasonal top rankings, and participating in key governance votes. Players get RGE by buying it on DEXs, opening loot boxes, winning battles and matches, or hosting games in battle arenas. They are also used in myriad ways in-game, from crafting weapons to buying support items, leveling up, attending exclusive events, DeFi Staking to earn incentives and high yield on locked tokens, or participating in the in-game casinos. And lastly, to have voting rights in the Rage Effect DAO.


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