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Raid Party

Raid Party

Raid Party
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Raid Party is a play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online idle game where players can own NFT characters and earn CFTI tokens on the Ethereum network. Players can join The Raid, a massive dungeon that features a single boss present at all times. The game is playable on web browsers.


Raid Party allows players to form parties with their hero and fighter NFTs. They can join the raid with their party. As the party damages the raid’s boss, token yields are distributed to the owners of the NFT characters based on their damage. The raid boss is present in the game until defeated, players can join others to participate in the battle. Players are able to form guilds and raid the guild dungeon to earn blessings and buffs. Guilds cost a certain amount of CFTI tokens to create and have a starting player capacity of ten members, which can be increased up to one hundred. Guilds also have a passive income feature that is generated by a guild vault that is filled from the five percent of earnings of each member.

The raid bosses have different types from weakest to strongest such as basic, strong, epic, mythic, legendary, and godly. The higher the raid boss tier, the more token yields the players receive. Of course, the player count also affects the yields, if a team of five players can slay the boss, they will receive more rewards than a team of ten.

There are two types of NFT characters; party fighters and heroes. Party fighter characters are the damage dealers, while the hero characters are the legendary champions who influence and empower the whole party in addition to dealing massive amounts of damage. Heroes have a base damage of 1100 and start at level 5, while fighters have base damages that can range from 800 to 1400 and start at level 0. Players can upgrade and level both types of NFT characters through enhancement to increase their damage per second. The enhancement process has chances of success and downgrade.

Token Information

CFTI tokens are utility tokens that can be earned from the raid. They can be used to increase the damage of the NFT characters and mint new heroes and fighters.


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