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Realm of FRONTERA is a play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy game that utilizes the BNB chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, FRONT. In the FRONTERA metaverse, players, after initially investing in their NFT characters, can play different game modes that reward them with crypto tokens and NFT assets.


FRONTERA universe takes place in the future where humankind has established neural links with mechs that are known as FRONTERA Heroes. By owning FRONTERA NFTs, the users can participate in play and earn game modes.

There are four types of NFTs in the game. These mechs or robot suits are divided into four classes which become players’ heroes. Each of these suits are designed for a special purpose. 

Workers are unable to engage in combat but possess a large carrying capacity and can labor in any kind of environment to harvest valuable resources.

Strikers are specialized in offensive roles during combats, their main job is to subdue any threats with heavy fire-powers

Vanguards are bulky frontline fighters that can soak in large amounts of damage to protect their allies while attracting the enemy's attention—acting as the tank of the party.

Magus are the multi-purpose frames that can either repair other allies or seriously sabotage the enemies, depending on the situation.

These heroes can also have NFT skills which are powerful abilities that can be bound into Heroes to give them huge boosts, either to their combat prowess or laboring ability. Some Skills are interchangeable, so the players can freely customize their Heroes to suit their strategies and actions they want to perform.

After setting their NFT heroes up, players can begin mining, where they deploy worker heroes to passively gain FRONT tokens and various items that can be either sold for FRONT tokens or used to strengthen their combat teams. They can participate in PVE, where they deploy their combat-ready heroes in an endless flow of battles with hostile forces to gain various rewards and FRONT tokens. Lastly, in PvP, players can battle each other in tournaments and advance in rankings to reap higher rewards.

Mining in FRONTERA is an entirely different game mode from the other game modes. Each worker has an individual Mining Power which determines how much FRONT they can harvest every 24 hours. Workers of higher rarities generally will yield more tokens in a 24-hour mining period. Aside from generating tokens, they have a small chance to generate in-game items. These consumables can be used to change the course of battle in PvP and PvE modes.

Players can buy predetermined items from the in-game shop using FRONT tokens, these range from PvP tickets to enter the arena to permanent stat boosters. Aside from predetermined types of items that the shop can offer, the users can try their luck with the Gacha System. These are special loot boxes that have a fixed chance to generate new NFTs such as Heroes and Skills and exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Marketplace is another core feature in FRONTERA, in which the users can buy, sell or trade their precious NFTs to make further profits.

Token Information

FRONT token is the main currency of the FRONTERA Metaverse. It is exclusively used within the game and can't be directly converted into any other type of currency. It can be used to purchase in-game items, enhance heroes, and enhance skills. In FRONTERA, only the NFTs can be used for staking and can be traded on the crypto exchanges.


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