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Realms of Ethernity

Realms of Ethernity

In Development
Wild Thunder Studio


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Realms of Ethernity is a blockchain-based free-to-play play-to-earn MMORPG game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFT aspects and cryptocurrency, RETH. Realms of Ethernity (RoE) is a third-person open-world experience with a strong focus on strategy, where players can explore dungeons, kill monsters for rewards, or battle with other players to earn NFT rewards and crypto to monetize.


In RoE, players can become a fighter,  a crafter, an explorer, or a detective to solve mysteries and quests without making an initial investment. The game integrates a special set of quests and attributes called the “Destiny,” acting as a special game pass to players who want to invest. These allow special in-game assets such as NFTs are minted along the way as rewards for players. They can also be crafted, bought, or sold on the game’s marketplace.

Alongside their journey, players can buy, build, and expand their kingdoms. Kingdom owners can start wars to conquer other kingdoms and collect taxes from all activities within the owned lands. There is also a “Bond” feature that works as a sponsorship between players, It's a way to co-work with other players to complete quests in a team, such as killing bosses, mining, farming, and splitting the rewards.

The RoE will be released in seasons with a given premise for the very first season. The ultimate ending of each season is expected to be a Kingdom or a Nation war. How each season ends will be determined by players, and this very ending will lead to the start of the next season.

The Realms of Ethernity are divided into four unique, magical continents. Each of them is devoted to one of the base elements of fire, wind, earth, and water. They are featuring different spawning races for players, such as Orcs and Dwarves that are unique to each landscape. Players can choose one of these races as their starting base and customize and level them up as they play, these will also serve as their in-game avatars.

In RoE, NFTs appear in various forms, from high-level crafted items to special attributes like the destinies, or special rewards introduced in each game season. These NFTs will be tradable on the game’s marketplace including customizable character avatars, special destiny quests and attributes, equipment, wearables, mounts, gems, and virtual constructions/land slots.

Combat plays a central role in the RoE. Combat scales up from one on one battles to nationwide battles as players progress through the game. Once players enter the game, they will fight creeps and monsters on the map in PvE. Duels between players in PvP take place in classical MMORPG fashion, whilst battles between clans and parties take place in MOBA fashion. And the ultimate concept for battle in RoE will be a massive war among nations. Different types of battles will reward players with different values, from gold coins, and special equipment/wearables, to rare materials that could be used to craft NFTs.

Players can buy, and build land by spending RETH tokens and expanding it into powerful kingdoms. Kingdoms can declare war on one another. When a war is declared, the name of enemy clanmates will appear in red. You can attack members of an enemy clan whenever you see them, even if you are inside a town. The only safe zones in war are personal lands, which cannot be invaded. The occupier will have to defend against the attacker with the highest stakes. If the attacking side loses, the bet is lost. This way, players can strategize their targets and maximize their earnings through large-scale PvP.

RoE also features a unique feature called Destiny. Destiny is the premium feature introduced in Realms of Ethernity that opens up greater storylines to players who own it in the form of NFTs. They have different levels of rarity and can be tradable in the marketplace. A destiny is technically a set of unique quests and special attributes independent from the main quest system with premium rewards in crypto and NFTs and benefits tied to it once completed. It shows players a defined path to achieve certain goals and successes in the game, acting somewhat as a story mode.

Token Information

RoE uses the dual token system in its economy. The RETH token is designed to be the primary token of the game, used for trading in-game valuable NFT assets and items and participating in the governance of the platform via a DAO only. The secondary currency, The Gold Coins, will be used as fees to craft new NFTs and make normal in-game purchases such as basic weapons, armor, pets, artifacts, and more. The gold coins will also be distributed as rewards through quests and matches.

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Realms Of Ethernity IDO (Spores Network)13 Apr — 15 Apr 2022$ 0.03  $ 50,000.00 1,666,66610% at TGE, then 15% monthly1,258,000,000

Realms Of Ethernity IDO 14 Apr — 14 Apr 2022$ 0.03 $ 50,000.00 1,666,66610% unlock at TGE, 0 month cliff, 15% tokens monthly release, Complete unlock at 6th month from TGE1,258,000,000

Realms Of Ethernity IDO (Seedify)13 Apr — 13 Apr 2022$ 0.03 $ 300,000.00 10,000,00010% at TGE, then 15% monthly1,258,000,000

$0.026 $4,369,997.00 168,076,8235% at TGE5% 1st month, then 7% monthly

$0.023 $3,450,000.00 150,000,0001 month cliff, then 5% monthly

$ 0.017 $3,060,000.00 180,000,0002 months cliff, then 5% monthly


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