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Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars

Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars

Xoilium ltd
Card, Strategy


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Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars is a play-to-earn card battle game that utilizes the Polygon Network with its NFTs, cryptocurrencies, RBLS and XOIL. In RBXO, players will be able to play, progress, and earn in a single-player or multiplayer in a Sci-Fi world where they will unite around extra-terrestrial kingdoms, build armies of fighting robots and compete with other players for the valuable Xoil resource.


The year is 2052, it’s three years after the “Big Dismantle” event, which saw millions of robots being scraped to pieces and their core destroyed by humans who feared robots were about to revolt against them. Robots had to leave Earth for their survival and settled on planet Xoilium. Resources became scarce, and so the Rebel Bots eventually turned against each other by closing themselves into isolated kingdoms, declaring war against each other and must battle for every drop of Xoil aka extraterrestrial oil to survive.

Players will compete for the precious Xoil currency, which they can either use to construct the game's main characters, the fighting bots, or exchange for other cryptocurrencies. In addition, players can choose if they'd like to use the robots they've built in battles or sell them in the marketplace. Investors, on the other hand, can earn by obtaining the governance units, the Rebel Bots, which grant ruling a kingdom and earn passively from the game.

The adventure mode is the single-player mode of the game. Players will be able to progress in this mode between various levels, each level will reward players with Xoil when they complete it. In the adventure mode, players travel between various habitats on Xoilium to complete missions. Players will invest their time collecting and building the best and most balanced “decks” of cards which will give them the edge in battles. Creating the right deck of cards will require players to spend time learning the different abilities and types of cards. 

The core gameplay is a turn-based semi-automatic card battle. Battles are fought between two sides, each with their cards and abilities battling to destroy the other side’s characters by choosing which cards to play and how to play them to achieve the upper hand on the battlefield. Not all cards are equal, some cards are rarer than others and therefore more powerful, however, they will require the player to spend more energy to use them. In addition to the cards in their hand, players will also be granted a special ability they can use in battles that come from the kingdom they belong to. 

In the adventure mode, every Xoil player earns will be shared with their kingdom and its kingdom lord. Kingdom lords are the first generation of 10,000 NFTs that are owned by other players that serve as landowning mechanics or, in other words, a source of passive income.

The PvP mode allows players to battle their Fighting bot team against other players’ teams. PvP is also the main way for players to earn Xoil and other in-game rewards. Players are matched together based on their MMR and the result of the battle will determine the amount of MMR each player will gain or lose. In addition the higher the MMR difference between the players. The Xoil and Spark rewards from winning PvP battles are based on the MMR while the chance of getting new parts is completely random.

RBXW has a multitude of NFTs, beginning with Kingdoms Lands and Kingdom Lords, The Kingdom Lords are the Generation 1 Rebel Bots. The Kingdom lord is not a playable character but an avatar used as the kingdom’s banner, and every player who joins the game will fight under a certain Kingdom banner. The kingdom owners will receive a revenue share from every Kingdom Land sold in their kingdom plus a share of the XOIL rewards other players gain on adventures in their kingdom. 

To start playing Players will need to build their initial fighting robot army. The minimum amount of NFTs players need to own for entering battles, both adventure and PvP is three fighting robots. These robots can be minted with a combination of in-game rewards and currency and are customizable in each part with different features from head to toe. Each part represents a different card and ability for the player to use on the battlefield, the head is the most important part as it will also determine the Fighting Bot robot class. Parts have different rarity that will determine the card's strength on the battlefield and its cost. 

Token Information

The game has two cryptocurrencies on the Polygon Network. RBLS is the game's governance token with a limited number of 300 million. It can be earned by special giveaways and winning seasonal event prizes and used to purchase lands in-game, and can be tradable on crypto exchanges. RBLS can also be staked to take part in DOA voting. XOIL is the main utility token of the game that is used for all in-game actions and can be earned from playing PvE, PvP, and passive income from Kingdom Lands. It can be traded on crypto exchanges as well.


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