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Reta Wars

Reta Wars

Reta Wars


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Reta Wars is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game that combines strategic gameplay and  NFT assets while incorporating the usage of tokens RET and GRT. It offers a comprehensive Game-Fi experience, including role-playing, growth, competition, and chance. The gameplay focuses on thoughtful decision-making and effective control of heroes rather than fast-paced action. Players can develop long-term strategies, position their heroes strategically, and earn profits based on their performance.


The battle aspect is the central element of Reta Wars and serves as the primary play-to-earn (P2E) content. Reta War is a large-scale battle simulation where players are divided into two factions. They gather troops and resources to secure victory and engage in calculated combat. The outcome of these battles determines the players' earnings, primarily in the form of GRT (Game Rewards Token).

While players initially pursue their individual benefits, they must eventually join a group and compete against other factions for greater profits. Upon starting the game, players select either the 'Gaia' or 'Nate' factions, named after gods. Selecting a faction involves careful consideration, as reversing the decision can be challenging. Players can evaluate recent battle outcomes and the average compensation distribution to inform their choices.

To win a war in Reta Wars, players need to provide essential supplies. These supplies are acquired from production facilities such as Mines, Lumber Mills, and Farms. Players can contribute materials to their faction daily. The faction screen allows players to view their daily supplies and the accumulated total supplies for their faction.

Every day, there is a large-scale battle simulation using the combat power and supplies of heroes placed in the barracks by players from both factions. After the simulation, players can view the battle results on a separate user interface. Watching the progress of high-powered heroes during the battle is also possible on this screen.

Player votes play a crucial role in determining the outcome of Reta War battles. Rewards in the form of GRT are distributed based on the resources supplied by both factions throughout the day. The faction that emerges victorious in the war receives a larger allocation of GRT. Players earn GRT based on their faction's performance and their individual contribution rankings in the wars.

Contributions to the war include the battle log of heroes placed in the barracks (damage dealt, damage taken, remaining HP), strategic resources supplied by buildings (Morale, Military Secret), and natural resources supplied by buildings (Wood, Ore, and Food). Weekly rankings are a highly competitive aspect of Reta Wars. Players with outstanding achievements in each field can earn the Governance Token RETA. Rankings are recorded individually for various categories, including Battle Rank, Strategic Resource Supply Rank (Morale and Military Secrets), and Natural Resources Supply Rank (Ore, Wood, and Food). Higher rankings result in significantly increased rewards, and players must pay a fee in RETA to earn these ranking rewards. The fee contributes to the Dividend Pool and serves as a staking reward for RETA holders.

Heroes are essential NFT assets that drive the gameplay in Reta Wars. All game content revolves around these heroes, and players must possess at least one hero to participate. Each hero possesses five stats and five skills, which are randomly determined upon creation. The rarity of the hero determines their final abilities.

No hero excels in every aspect, requiring players to carefully consider the abilities of the heroes they hire and strategically deploy them for maximum effectiveness. Heroes earn experience points through completing quests and defeating enemies, allowing them to level up. The maximum level a hero can reach is fifty. Leveling up is essential to unlock better equipment and enhance the hero's overall capabilities. Heroes also possess passive traits that provide permanent upgrades. These traits are unlocked every ten levels and can be rerolled up to three times per hero for players seeking alternative traits.

Token Information

In Reta Wars, GRT serves as the core P2E reward token. It is earned through participating in Reta War battles and is distributed based on the player's faction performance and individual contribution rankings. GRT rewards are burned daily, and the winning faction receives a larger allocation.

Additionally, the game features the Governance Token RETA, which players can earn through their outstanding achievements in weekly rankings. RETA serves as a staking reward for token holders and contributes to the Dividend Pool.


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