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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Revomon DMCC
RPG, Metaverse

Revomon (REVO)

$0.14148509 (-3.75%)
Developer Revomon DMCC
Market Cap $3.51 M
Volume $73.68 K


Ethereum 0x155040625D7ae3e9caDA9a73E3E44f76D3Ed1409


Revomon is a blockchain-based VR role-playing metaverse that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, REVO. In the game, players become Revomon Tamers, who use a slingshot to throw energy balls at Revomon to catch or release them and combine virtual reality with real life.


There will be three factions in the game that see the Revomon in different ways; the Scientists wish to study Revomons and understand their abilities while cataloging them. The Secret Society is created by the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people, and they want to use Revomon as a tool for power and profit. The Anarchists believe that the world was so much better when Renovon and humans were equal. They want to use Revomon to bring equality to the world once again. Players will be able to choose one of these factions and work with other faction-mates to fulfill the faction’s goals together.

Revomon will offer different features which will revolve around the social aspect, storyline, and competition to enhance the gameplay of the game. Players will be able to do quests to level up their Tamer, clans will emerge into the game and will bring people together with shared interests, PvP tournaments will be added to the game to boost the competitive spirit, and achievements will be added to the game for players to see their progression throughout the game.

One of the most distinguishing features of Revomon from the other games, such as Pokemon Go, is the marketplace of the game. Players will be able to sell, buy, or trade NFT items and Revomons from the in-game marketplace. This feature makes it possible to collect Revomon by playing the game, upgrade these Revomon and sell them in the marketplace for profit.

Token Information

Revomon will be using the REVO token as its official cryptocurrency. Players can earn REVO tokens by leveling up their Tamers, winning battles, exploring, and selling items or Revomon on the marketplace. The REVO tokens can be used for governance purposes, selling, buying, or trading items, and Revomon from the marketplace, staking, farming, upgrading Revomons, and participating in competitions and tournaments.

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