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Rise of Immortals

Rise of Immortals

In Development
CG3D Studio
MMO, Strategy


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Rise of Immortals is a play-to-earn MMORPG game that utilizes the Immutable-X network with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, IMS, ISAP, and SAP. In the game, players use their village and army units to grow stronger and conquer other players to earn cryptocurrency.


In Rise of Immortals, players must buy lands, heroes, items, and statues, or form alliances with other village owners to buy and build more villages. The game’s battles are fast-paced in RTS format. Players earn by completing challenges, winning a village attack, successfully defending a village, removing obstacles, wagering matches, collaborating villages with clan mates or in-game friends, staking, and by trying to achieve the highest rank on the leaderboards.

Rise of Immortals' gameplay is based on three components: Village building, strategy, and NFT ownership. At the start of the game, the player will build his village and fight battles with soldiers, items, and heroes. As more and more powerful villages are converted into clans, the player's divine power and ability to control the village will improve. The player can then take their Avatars, along with any of their heroes, and join the arena battles to compete with other players to climb the seasonal ladder, as they build their village in its strongest offensive and defensive form and can engage in clan battles to earn IMS tokens and other NFT rewards.

As players establish a stronger presence in the Rise of Immortals, they will discover that in order to level up their Villages, they will require more Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold, Sapphire, and Immortals Sapphire. To obtain more heroes, they must purchase a Hera from the market. Immortals Shard, Immortals Sapphire, and Sapphire will be required by players to create new stronger heroes.

Players can purchase Heroes, Villages, Statues, and Temple NFTs. These NFTs all have unique in-game characteristics in addition to their NFT value. Players can buy and sell Heroes, Lands/Villages, Statues, and Temples with the IMS token in the game’s marketplace. They can rent their villages using a special  "Village Cloning" technology allowing Village NFT owners to mint a duplicate Village to rent without risking ownership of the original Village NFTs.

Token Information

IMS, or Immortals Shardsis Rise of Immortals governance token, the token holders will take part in the voting process in DAO. It will be awarded to the players for competitive PvP tournaments and achievements for completing Guild War Events. SAP is the basic token used for upgrades inside the game and players will earn it by doing PvE, and PVP battles. ISAP is the game’s premium currency, players will earn them on weekly basis by doing world bosses, guild bosses, and weekly tasks.

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