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Rumble Kong League

Rumble Kong League

Rumble League Studios
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Rumble Kong League is a play-to-earn basketball game that contains 10.000 Rumble Kong basketball players who are all NFTs. Kongs, the league’s basketball players, have unique looks, traits, and boosts that define their values in the marketplaces. 


In Rumble Kong League, Kongs act like actual players and must have NFTs for players to be able to compete inside the game’s ecosystem. Players can obtain Kongs through secondary marketplaces and own them as long as they want. Kongs must be a part of a Club, a collective of Kongs who create a basketball team to compete in competitive basketball leagues. Club owners don’t have to own Kongs to compete in the leagues: they can invite and recruit Kongs to play in their club without owning them and act as a Club Manager of the club by managing lineups of Kongs, sponsors, time schedules, etc. Clubs compete in basketball leagues with different tier levels, different rule sets, and a variety of other clubs. Players and their clubs can be rewarded with prize pools and earn experience by competing in a league. Players can also send their Kongs to train in Training Academies to improve their basketball skills. However, these skill or boost improvements will be temporary. 

Each Kong in the Rumble Kong League has its own unique traits. With more than 100 hand-drawn traits, each Kong is different both visually and in terms of scarcity. Approximately 5% of the Kongs are ultra-rare thanks to their rare traits and look completely different than other Kongs. 

Also, Kongs show different performances in the game, which reflect their boosts. Boost values are randomly assigned to Kongs on a scale from 1 to 100. In the Rumble Kong League, there are four types of Boosts: defense, finish, shooting, and vision. Defense determines a Kong’s defensive capabilities. The Finish mainly reflects Kong’s important score moments, such as dunking. Shooting is important for the accuracy of mid-range or three-point shots. And lastly, Vision defines Kong’s passing performance and dribbling skills in the court.

Token Information

Rumble Kong League does not have a utility token right now. But in the future, a token will be created to be used on a rewarding system for each league match, sponsorship payments, prize money for the winning club of a league, to acquire temporary Kong Boosts, in-game purchasing, and future breeding mechanisms. 

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