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Rune Evolution

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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Rune Asia Holdings PTE. LTD.
Action, Arcade

Rune Shards (RXS)

$0.00132199 (-0.13%)
Developer Rune Asia Holdings PTE. LTD.
Market Cap $239.68 K
Volume $




Rune Evolution is a 2D action blockchain game that utilizes the BSC network with its cryptocurrency Rune Shards (RXS),  NFTs "Runewords", and 33 Runes (EL-ZOD). The game is downloadable for PC, Mac, and Android mobile devices.


Rune Evolution, the Rune metaverse’s second game, is set in the Mage Isles: a region of Rune’s world (Haerra) where magical energies keep islands suspended in the air. 

In the game, players control a dragonling that can fly around and eat colored sprites. Eating sprites makes dragonlings grow and evolve and ultimately become powerful dragons. The larger dragon forms eat the smaller forms on contact, meaning you need to stay evolved to stay safe. 

Rune Evolution comprises 10+ game modes rotating every 5 minutes. These game modes change the round’s objectives to keep gameplay engaging and dynamic. In most matches, players must dominate their opponents by attacking and eating them, but they will sometimes need to find other ways to win.

Collectible rewards, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs (in-game items), appear throughout the map during matches, so players can accumulate them while playing the game.

Token Information

Rune Shards (RXS) is Rune’s primary token and will be used to fuel in-game mechanics, receive protocol dividends, and eventually participate in DAO governance. In addition to RXS, there are 33 different runes EL-ZOD that a player can acquire. Rune’s tokens can be earned by staking, playing Rune’s games, and defeating other players in the PvP competition. Once earned, these tokens can be combined in recipes to make equipable NFT items called Runewords, making players more powerful with unique gameplay-altering attributes. Rune’s vision is an interoperable metaverse so that these items will be usable in all of Rune’s games in the near future.

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Circulating Supply: 19,300
Max: RXS 192,999,312

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Rune Evolution

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