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Rune Sanctuary

Rune Sanctuary

In Development
Rune Asia Holdings PTE. LTD.
Action, MMO, RPG


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Rune Sanctuary is a play-to-earn blockchain-based dungeon crawler MMORPG that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its cryptocurrency, RXS. This game is a part of the Rune Universe; a universe that economically brings multiple blockchain games which are created by Rune Asia Holdings together. The goal of the Rune Sanctuary is to explore dungeons and collect precious loot to expand players’ capabilities. 


Rune Sanctuary is being developed for PC as an MMORPG game with dungeon crawling aspects. Players will be able to move their characters by simply clicking on the screen, just like in any other dungeon crawler game. Players will encounter hordes of enemies along the way on their adventure, and powerful bosses from time to time.

The skill system in the game is based upon the player’s equipment, and their class is determined by the statistics granted by their equipment. This feature allows players to change classes whenever they want without creating a new character. The developers aim to create a unique combat experience for players that isn't about spamming the same skill over and over, therefore, they chose to make defense mechanics in the game equally crucial as offense. 

In total, there are 25 equipment slots and ten charm slots for characters to equip. These combined all together is called a “gearset.” Players can have multiple gearsets for their characters, giving their characters skill-wise flexibility. However, switching between gearsets is only possible in towns, which are safe zones. With their different gearset options, players can try various equipment combinations and find their favorite playstyle.

Runewords are unique weapons and armor used to equip on players’ heroes. Each Runeword is different, with varying attributes suitable for a specific playstyle. Players can use Runewords to improve their character’s power in battle, magic find, farming, and merchant abilities. Players can use their Runewords in the entire Rune ecosystem between the games. Runewords can be traded, bought, or sold on the marketplace.

Token Information

Rune Shards (RXS) is Rune’s primary token, and will be used to fuel in-game mechanics, receive protocol dividends, and eventually participate in DAO governance. In addition to RXS, there are 33 different runes EL-ZOD that a player can acquire. Rune’s tokens can be earned by staking, playing Rune’s games, and defeating other players in the PvP competition. Once earned, these tokens can be combined in recipes to make equipable NFT items called Runewords, making players more powerful with unique gameplay-altering attributes. Rune’s vision is an interoperable metaverse so that these items will be usable in all of Rune’s games in the near future.

Circulating Supply: 19,300
Max: RXS 192,999,312

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