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Sailors World is a blockchain-based nautical adventure game that utilizes the WAX network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies DUB, FUEL, WRECK, and PST. In the game, players will start their adventures in the port of Tortuga. From there, they will build their ships, explore vast oceans, hunt down pirates, and track treasures. 


The game consists of roughly three stages; in the first stage, players explore the continent of Asteron, and collect valuable items and materials to form a powerful fleet. Once their fleet is strong enough, they encounter AI or real player pirates roaming the oceans and hunting them down for their precious treasures. With new treasures and the loot they have obtained, players can now start to explore the world as they wish, add richness to their riches and shape their adventures as they wish.

To assist in their adventure, the game offers players different NFT categories; ships, battleships, oil rigs, etc. There are 12 types of ships of different rarity and purposes. Each ship has its characteristics, rarity level, and abilities. There is a total of six rarity levels found for these 12 ships and a single rarity level for each duo of the ships. For example, Guppi and Windseeker are promo, Transport, and Flying Fish are common, Turtle and Sword Fish are uncommon, Rainfall and Phantom are rare, Goddess and Silver Dolphin are epic, and lastly, Rhino and Eagle are legendary ships. The legendary ships are the strongest in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities. 

Battleships are NFTs solely designed for battling on the sea. They are mainly used in the game as war machines for PvE, and PvP modes. Players can obtain battleships from chests or use the ship upgrading system. There are five different types of battleships with five different rarity levels; Brander is common, Spook is uncommon, Barbarian is rare, Crius is epic, and Guardian is the legendary battleship. 

Every ship in the game needs fuel to be used, whether it's a regular ship for exploration or a battleship for warfare. Players can use NFT oil rigs to produce fuel for their vessels. The Small Oil Rig is a rare oil rig, while Industrial Oil Rig is a legendary one. Players can obtain oil rigs from chests or by crafting.

Token Information

Sailors World uses four different cryptocurrencies for its economy. The DUB token is mainly used for repairing ships and crafting, players can earn DUB tokens by exploring the oceans. The FUEL is used to control ships of any kind, and oil rigs can produce it. The WRECK is the primary source for crafting ships and oil rigs. Also, with WRECK, players can repair their damaged oil rigs. Players can encounter WRECK while exploring the world. Lastly, the PST token can be obtained by participating in battles. It is mainly used to upgrade exploration ships into battleships, improve battleships, and for in-game NFT purchases. Each of these tokens of Sailors World can be bought or sold on the Alcor exchange.

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Sailors World

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