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SamuraiRising is a play-to-earn samurai-themed trading card game that is featured in the RisingSun Ecosystem. This ecosystem is a Samurai-themed GameFi Universe established on the Binance Smart Chain Network. It features three interconnected games united under its banner: SamuraiRising, Samurai Lands, and Rise of the Shogun. 


Samurai Battle Cards are the main NFTs that players can earn through recruitment missions or buy directly from the marketplaces which drive the game. Players can fight against bots or real players. They compose decks containing five cards in order to enter the battle. However, if the player only has one NFT, replacement cards will be given to the player. The rewards for the match will be lesser compared to a five NFT deck. 

Each deck has a Matchmaking Tier which is determined by the score. There are three tiers of decks, with tier three being the strongest. Each samurai card has different elements and stats. Their power level varies from one to ten (one being the weakest) while elements; earth, wind, water, and fire, give advantages over one another. Card rarity (ranges from one to five, five being the rarest) decides how much Energy an NFT has. Energy is the stamina that indicates how many games a player can play, and it increases with each card that the player has in their inventory. The minimum total energy is 160, even for the one cardholder, and each match uses ten energy.

If the players and the opponents' cards have the same power and no elemental advantage, the outcome is determined by a coin flip. Players deplete their cards by defeating each other. Each match lasts for five rounds, and the player who has a card remaining wins.

Token Information

RisingSun (RSUN) is the ecosystem's primary token which acts as a governance token that allows voting. It is also used for minting lands and at the marketplace. Influence (INF) token, on the other hand, is used to recruit new NFT cards. Both tokens can be staked.

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