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Search for Animera

Search for Animera

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Search for Animera Team
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Search for Animera is a play-to-earn MMORPG next-generation AAA interplanetary conquest, exploration, and NFT-crafting MMORPG being built on the Unreal Engine 5. Explore and colonize, full of unique planets and lifeforms - navigate the challenges of building a life in space, and experience a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox, all whilst teleporting into deep space and immersing yourself in a mixture of procedurally generated and handcrafted worlds. ANIM is the main cryptocurrency of the game. 


Search for Animera takes place in the future in another galaxy. The year is 2230, and mankind has improved in technology to venture out to explore Nubera, a much larger galaxy than the Milky Way with a dual-star solar system in which two stars circle one another, producing a wider circumstellar habitable zone. As a result of their unique characteristics, there are five livable planets rich in minerals and ores that can assist the planets in maintaining and building a vastly advanced future. The ultimate story goal of the game is to reach the hidden cave of Animera, where the answer to everlasting life and infinite resources lies.

To start playing Animera players need to own an NFT character belonging to one of the five different races in the game. These are Triassians, Avians, Encelians, Tsalians, and Gaians. They all have unique abilities and traits, as well as native raw materials, which they can utilize early in the game. These abilities range from higher strength to being amphibious or enhanced night vision capabilities.

After owning their character, players can begin exploring the vast universe of Animera. The game has a procedurally-generated galaxy with various planet types and unpredictable climates, hazardous terrain, and deadly flora and fauna. Players can traverse the lands to find rare crafting materials and weaponry. Collect ores, mining instruments, weapons, enhanced skins, and blueprints to craft unique, rare NFT items, and monetize these resources on the Animera Marketplace, both in and outside the game.

Players can go on story-driven missions to learn more about the Nubera galaxy. The game has a class-based structure, allowing users to play as many character classes as they like, each with their own set of skills and abilities. This allows them to forge their own path in the Nebura galaxy as they hunt, explore, mine, smuggle, trade, and battle to live. Players that discover Animera's caverns get additional in-game powers and capabilities, such as sophisticated fighting maneuvers, teleport traversal systems, invisibility, and more.

The PvP battles may happen anywhere and at any moment. They can range from high-speed dogfights to close-quarters FPS combat. Players can go on adventures like robbing civilian cargo carriers for rare NFTs or becoming bounty hunters. They can also participate in a dynamic player economy, dealing contraband on the black market or constructing legal enterprises, taking up the life of a miner, an explorer, or a trader to earn and monetize their rewards.

As the game offers a comprehensive simulation and flying model, the player's in-game abilities and reflexes play a role in the Search for Animera MMO space flight game mode. This model offers a variety of tactical alternatives during space missions to gain an advantage during combat. Ship design and loadout are tuned not only for utility but also for the real flight skill and reactivity of the players. Depending on their play style, players can outfit their spacecraft with various modules, from purely mining ships to very maneuverable DPS dealers with glass cannons. Players can equip their ships with different types of weapons, from guided missiles to hull-breaching torpedoes, and fortify themselves with different types of shields and armor.

Another specialty of Search For Animera is its implementation of smooth transitions between space flight and planet terrain, and vice versa. These seamless transitions enable players of the game to zoom into a planet from space for intra-planetary combat and back out to space for terrain-based planetary combat.

Another gameplay element of Search For Animera is the seamless transition between space travel and planet geography, and vice versa. Players may travel into a planet from space for atmosphere and train-based battles and can back out anytime to continue on their adventure in space.

Token Information

ANIM will be the main currency for transactions and interactions in the Nubera Galaxy. An ERC20 token, it will offer several in-game utilities to gamers and holders. Some of these utilities include buying and selling in-game NFTs, such as unique player models, ships, base buildings, mining equipment, and weapons. Players can also use it for NFT renting, and buy Game Passes for gamers who want to play without owning in-game NFTs can do so using special license keys called “Generic Game Passes”. Though users will be able to interact with the marketplace using fiat currencies in multiple scenarios, the use of ANIM will be heavily incentivized. 

Holders of ANIM tokens who stake their tokens are entitled to 2% of all proceeds from marketplace fees for passive income. Holding ANIM will be vital in getting early access to updates as well as influencing key ecosystem decisions through participating in the DAO. ANIM holders will be eligible for other benefits such as exclusive game merchandise, branding rights, and more. Search for Animera also plans to involve gamers in its business model via Affiliate Programmes. A multi-source burning model will exist for ANIM. 10% of the proceeds from staking and NFT renting and 5% of the proceeds from marketplace fees go into the buyback and burn pool to maintain the game’s economy.


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