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Strategy, Card
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Shardbound is a tactical collectible card strategy blockchain game where you’ll collect hundreds of units and build armies to compete head-to-head with other players in matches of cunning and skill. Use positioning, the terrain, and your units’ unique abilities to achieve victory. Set in the vibrant Axis islands, players craft intricate card decks to outsmart opponents and claim victory. They embark on an epic quest to uphold the Lifeweave and uncover the secrets of the Shards. Battling on a hex grid battlefield, players demonstrate their unique style and strategic prowess. Developed by the former creators of the hit mobile game Vainglory and published by Immutable Games, Shardbound is available on PC.


In the world of Shardbound, a great land rush has begun: the shards of an ancient, broken world are falling from the sky. You'll establish a noble house alone or with friends, then head to Shardbound to complete objectives and secure riches and fame.

The essence of Shardbound lies in 1-on-1 Player vs. Player (PvP) matches, spotlighting five distinctive commanders and an extensive collection of 250+ units and spells that constitute the core content. Each unit, embodied by a card, plays a strategic role in players' skillfully crafted decks for battles. As a core commander representing one of five factions, your goal is to adeptly protect this central figure, utilizing your skills and minions.

Victory is achieved either by vanquishing the opposing commander or by accumulating points through an innovative system where your army gathers randomly spawned Victory Crystals, accumulating 10 Victory Points for a triumphant win. Explore the dynamic world of Shardbound, where tactical prowess and strategic deck-building converge for an unparalleled gaming experience.

In addition to the factions, Shardbound boasts hundreds of collectible units. Each unit has its own unique abilities and characteristics, allowing for a wide range of strategic options. The vast array of units ensures that no two games are the same, providing endless replayability. Among these units are the Wayfinders, known for their healing dust tendrils and radiant golden shields, and the Steelsingers, genius puppet masters who unleash symphonies of destruction with their Chromia-burning technology. Packrunners share an unbreakable bond with magical beasts called Primals, forging weapons and armor from their fallen companions, while Landshapers harness the power of stone, fire, and roots to manipulate landmasses. Fatekeepers, powerful beings that can bend time and space, leave foes disoriented and trapped in spatial rifts.

Every unit in Shardbound belongs to one of the colors of The Lifeweave, each having its own distinct personality, powers, and Commander. A standard deck consists of 30 cards and must include one Commander and one Relic. Commanders have their own unique approaches to shaping the Lifeweave and achieving victory, armed with powerful Relics that complement their strengths. Minions are crucial units summoned onto the board to control the battlefield, with attack and health stats determining their strength. Spells are temporary cards with lasting effects, capable of healing, damaging, or altering the terrain. Equipment, representing weapons or armor, enhances a minion’s capabilities and is scarce but powerful, used wisely for maximum impact.

Token Information

Shardbound is being published by Immutable, and it is set to be released on platforms such as Steam and Epic Games. The token information for the game is soon to be announced.


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