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Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes Team
MMO, RPG, Metaverse


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Sidus Heroes is a play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can own NFT characters and items while earning SIDUS and SENATE tokens on the Ethereum network. The universe that is offered in this MMORPG is inhabited by twelve different races that represent different blockchain communities. The game is available on both mobile and PC platforms, it can be accessed from browsers.


Sidus Heroes feature PvE and PvP combat, space exploration, professions and politics, and resource development as the main gameplay modes. The battle arena allows players to challenge each other, form fighting legions, and compete in tournaments. Battles can be either 1v1 or 3v3 with three pets. Winning battles allow players to accumulate points and rank high in the ratings for the season. At the end of the fighting season, heroes with the highest ratings are rewarded with loot boxes that contain exclusive content that they can use to upgrade their heroes or sell them in the marketplace. Players can also choose to be farmers or grinders who mine and collect resources. These professions are crucial for upgrading gear. Other jobs include becoming scientists, hunters, builders, pilots, mechanical engineers, and navigation officers. In order to master a profession, players need to stake NFT heroes. 

Improving the quality of equipment is done by merging two NFT items of the same quality while crafting a whole new NFT item is made from raw materials and resources that the players can collect. Other NFT items such as lands can be owned by players, which allows them to build infrastructure on their land plots that reward them with additional mining and manufacturing options. Also, players can adopt and own pets who will accompany them on their journey. 

The political system that the game offers contains political parties and twenty-eight councilors. Players can create a party, lobby their interests, and become ministers and presidents. The council decides what the current course for the technologies will be, as well as whether to colonize a planet or not. If their decision succeeds, the councilors will be rewarded. 

Token Information

SENATE tokens can be used to express political power in the game that influences the development of the metaverse. It also acts as a governance token that allows voting. SIDUS is the in-game utility token that is rewarded for successful participation in various game modes. It is also used for transactions at the marketplace and in other in-game services.


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IDO 14-15 Dec 2021$0.0018 $250,000.00 138,888,88810% at TGE, 10% monthly since the 2nd month30,000,000,000Market cap: $768,000$768,000.00 
IDO (TrustPad)14-15 Dec 2021$0.0018 $87,500.00 48,611,11110% at TGE, 10% monthly since the 2nd month
Circulating Supply: 426,666,666
IDO (PaidNetwork)15-15 Dec 2021$0.0018 $200,000.00 111,111,11110% at TGE, 10% monthly vesting (10 month for full unlock)

IDO (RedKite)15-15 Dec 2021$0.0018 $174,982.00 97,212,222Unlock 10% at TGE, then unlock 10% monthly over 9 months

IDO (Seedify)15-15 Dec 2021$0.0018 $166,249.00 92,360,55510% at TGE, 10% monthly since 2nd month (10 months full unlock)

IDO (GameFi)15-15 Dec 2021$0.0018 $19,300.00 10,722,222Unlock 10% at TGE, then unlock 10% monthly over 9 months

Private-$0.0012 $5,760,000.00 4,800,000,0005% at TGE, 3-month lock, starting with 4th month - 5% monthly vesting (22 months in total)

Pre-Sale-$0.0016 $960,000.00 600,000,0005% at TGE, 3-month lock, starting with 4th month - 5% monthly vesting (22 months in total)

Seed-$0.001 $2,100,000.00 2,100,000,0005% at TGE, 3-month lock, starting with 4th month - 5% monthly vesting (22 months in total)


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