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Ather Labs
Adventure, Action


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Sipher (SIPHΞR) is a decentralized play-to-earn casual-fighting action and exploration game built on the Ethereum Blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, SIPHER and ATHER. Sipher is a multiplayer looter shooter ARPG where players can earn prizes, set in a dream-like universe of alien worlds, vibrant characters, and dangerous mysteries with an end-game goal of creating an open world social experience.


In order to start playing Sipher, players will need to own at least one Sipher character NFTs.. These NFTs will be players' in-game characters, allowing them to venture into Sipheria to embark on expeditions and conquer PvE, PvP, and co-op activities. The game has different features such as fully customizable characters, guilds and guild wars, and crafting. Sipher is a multiplayer action game that combines elements of dungeon crawlers and battle arenas. The game takes place in the virtual world of Sipheria, which is made up of multiple interconnected worlds called Blocks, each with a unique mix of jungle and laboratory environments to explore.

The gameplay is dungeon-style, in which players track down and defeat monsters and bosses in order to receive rare drops such as materials or cosmetic items that they can collect or sell to other players. The gameplay perspective is a mixture of dungeon looter-shooter and roguelike mechanics, where players experience fast-paced, high-adrenaline gameplay with a top-down view at a 45-degree angle that is more comfortable for mobile players. Players can use their memories to get a power boost in the game, by recalling stray bits of information from the earlier designs of reality before it was altered. To add to the uniqueness of each playthrough, Sipher has a boost (skill) system with classes, subclasses, and gear. Players will have to test out many character builds to find the "perfect build" that works best for their style of play and for their team. 

In Sipher, players have multiple ways to earn in-game currency and other rewards. One way to earn is through battles in Sipheria, where players can trade NFTs and buy and sell characters and items in the Sipher Bazaar or Marketplace. This method is best for players who are able to reach the top ranks weekly. Players who do not reach the top rank can still be rewarded as one of the best players of the week and will receive SIPHER tokens. Another way to earn is through tournaments, where up to 16 teams can compete against each other, with the winning team taking 70% of the prize pool and the runner-up taking the remaining 30%. Players can also earn by focusing on the economic activities in the Sipher Bazaar and solely on trading. Additionally, players can earn by building a community, as the team behind SIPHΞR allows patrons to engage with players by giving them the power to influence live matches using ATHER tokens to spawn items or give temporary power boosts to the Siphers.

Token Information

SIPHER and ATHER are the two types of currency used in the game Sipher. SIPHER is the main crypto currency, while ATHER is the in-game currency. SIPHER can be used for various in-game activities, such as cloning or creating new characters, paying marketplace transaction fees for in-game items, purchasing special items from the Sipher Laboratory, staking for Sipher Vault Governance and staking rewards, and incentivizing all participants that contribute to the Sipher Universe. ATHER can be used for various in-game activities, such as crafting items as NFTs, leveling up characters and equipment, burning equipment and characters to recover a random percentage of resources, and fusing into Sovereign Land Fragments (NFT lands) to give ownership rights to purchase certain key strategic parcels of land. SIPHER can also be earned as a reward from the game.

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Sipher ICO6 Dec — 9 Dec 2021 $ (0.36) $ 44,000,000.00 



 $ 6,800,000.00 



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