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Horizon Blockchain Games
Card, Strategy
Not available


Skyweaver is a play-to-earn blockchain multiplayer collectible card game where players can own NFT cards and build decks on the Ethereum network. Players can participate in different PvP game modes with their decks and earn NFT cards. The game requires a Sequence Wallet to start playing online matches against other players and is available to play on PC and mobile platforms.


Skyweaver features two main PvP game modes; ranked and conquest. Ranked mode allows players to battle against opponents, climb a leaderboard, and advance through the ranks to win weekly awarded silver NFT cards. Conquest mode, on the other hand, is a PvP competition where players try to win three matches in order to earn limited edition gold NFT cards. This mode requires either paying a fee or handing in a silver NFT card to gain an entry ticket and losing once ends the conquest mode. There is also a private challenge mode where players can fight against friends, a practice mode where players can fight against a bot, and a tutorial mode that teaches the game's basic mechanics.

Players can enter these game modes through two game types. The Constructed game type allows players to enter games with their prebuilt decks and with their own playstyles, while the Discovery game type gives each player randomized cards. Discovery game type doesn’t require any decks, so it is suitable for new players to accumulate cards to later participate in the Constructed game modes.

Decks are assembled with the cards that the players own. Every card is tradeable on the market. However, gold cards have a limited supply, which makes them more valuable. Aside from cosmetics and the limited availability, the gold and silver cards are the same in usage. Cards can either be units or spells that have different elements (air, dark, earth, fire, light, metal, mind, and water), traits (stealth, wither, guard, banner, lifesteal, and armor), prisms (strength, wisdom, agility, heart, and intellect), and unique effects. Prisms act as classes for different heroes that the players can choose from while building their decks. Heroes can have more than one prism assigned to them.

The matches take place in a battle arena with two sides. Each player gains mana with each turn and refills the mana they have used the previous turn. Cards cost mana, and they can have unique abilities and effects that alter the state of the game. The main objective is to attack and defeat the enemy hero while maintaining control of the battlefield. Destroyed cards are sent to the graveyard. If a hero’s health reaches zero, the player controlling the hero is defeated.

Token Information

Cards can be directly obtained from the game’s marketplace. Players can use USDC to purchase or trade. The NFT silver and gold cards that the player owns are stored in the Sequence Wallet.


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