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Snail Trail

Snail Trail

Snail Trail Inc.
Racing, Strategy


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Snail Trail is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain racing game where players can own NFT snails and earn SLIME tokens on the Avalanche network. Players can compete and race against each other using their snails on different tracks. The game is available to play in browsers.


Snail Trail allows players to race with other players' snails and get rewarded with the game's native token, SLIME. There are three types of races in Snail Trail: daily missions, competitive races, and mega races.

Daily Missions are free-to-play races that players can complete on a daily basis to earn rewards. These races have specific rules and parameters, such as the type of track, number of laps, and rewards. Upon the completion of the mission, players will receive a certain amount of SLIME, the game's native token, as well as other in-game items.

Competitive races act like the daily races but require an entrance fee to play. Players can join or host different races, where they can race against other players' snails in real-time. Each race has a prize pool that is awarded to the winners. These races also have different variables, like the conditions of the weather and the distance of the track, just like the daily races.

Mega Races are special events that occur at regular intervals and offer unique rewards and opportunities to participate. These events may have different rules and formats than the standard competitive races and can include things like exclusive in-game items, bonus SLIME, and special tracks. Mega races require an entry fee like the competitive races.

Aside from racing, the laboratory in Snail Trail allows players to use incubation, microwave, and pressure pot features. Players can use incubation to breed a male and a female snail to acquire a new snail. The microwave feature, on the other hand, can burn snails in exchange for consumable items. Players will receive the ashes of the burned snail, which can vary in different rarities. Furthermore, the pressure pot can be used to cook and mix experience and token boosts for the player to use.

In addition to the racing aspect, the game has a marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade racing snails. This allows players to improve their racing experience and make it more engaging.

Token Information

SLIME is the native utility token of Snail Trail, and it is used for various in-game actions and transactions, such as buying and selling snails, participating in events and challenges, or even being traded on various decentralized exchanges. It is earned through participating in competitive and mega races.

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