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Arcade, Strategy
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SnakyCat is an arcade blockchain game that is a modern take on the traditional snake game. Developed by Appxplore and iCandy and integrated into the TOWER Ecosystem on the Base chain, SnakyCat offers players the chance to earn TOWER tokens by competing on leaderboards in a charming feline-themed adventure. The game is available on browsers.


SnakyCat presents a casual gameplay experience reminiscent of classic snake games like Players maneuver their elongated feline avatars across a 2D map, avoiding other players while gobbling up food items to grow longer. Special power-ups, such as elusive mice, extend the survival time and enhance gameplay dynamics.

A competitive spirit fuels the game as players strive to secure top positions on the leaderboard in each round. These positions determine the distribution of TOWER tokens, offering rewards to those who demonstrate skill and strategy in navigating the increasingly crowded virtual space.

To embark on SnakyCat, visit the game's website and connect your Web3 wallet compatible with the Base blockchain. Players can start with free practice rounds to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics before diving into competitive gameplay for TOWER token rewards. Each round spans several hours, with rewards distributed proportionally among participants based on their leaderboard standings.

Token Information

SnakyCat operates within the TOWER ecosystem on the Base blockchain, leveraging TOWER tokens for various in-game activities. Players participate by purchasing entry tickets using TOWER tokens to compete in leaderboard challenges. While entry typically requires tokens, special events periodically offer free participation, ensuring inclusivity and broader community engagement.

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