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$20.74759 (5.06%)



$7.98 B

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$358.83 M

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SolaJump is a play-to-earn blockchain arcade platformer where players can own NFT characters and earn SOL coins on the Solana network. It is a game where players control a character who is jumping automatically to ascend the floors.


In SolaJump, The aim is to jump higher and get placed on the leaderboard. Players have to navigate from left and right to land on the platforms without falling or touching an enemy. The higher they get, the more points they will make. The platforms may move and break after touching them. 

There are items and objects which boost the character, such as bouncing balls, jetpacks, rockets, and springs. Each NFT character has ten lives to jump as high as possible and try to make it in the leaderboard of 1200. 

Token Information

There are four types of rewards; SOL coins, NFTs, character lives, and a golden access card which allows the player to access future NFT collections for free. Monthly, random flash, random pop-up, and genesis tournaments grant these rewards. There are two types of lives; eternal lives are used in genesis and major tournaments, and flash lives are for flash and pop-up tournaments.

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