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Action, RPG, Metaverse


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SolChicks is a play-to-earn action RPG NFT game metaverse that utilizes the Solana blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, CHICKS and SHARDS. In Solchicks, players will embark on a journey in a meticulously crafted magic fantasy world while earning and monetizing their rewards.


SolChicks Saga is an NFT-driven free-to-play multiplayer role-playing game in which players' unique SolChicks NFTs serve as in-game avatars. Players can participate in the SolChicks Saga in a variety of ways, including leveling their characters through PvE or PvP challenges, farming the rarest items and seeking hidden treasures, or simply treating their SolChicks as virtual pets.

Players can focus on completing objectives and competing against other players to climb the leaderboards, embarking on quests to obtain the rarest weapon NFTs. The game rewards players with in-game perks and on-chain rewards based on their actions.

To play, players must first create SolChicks Game Accounts into which they can deposit multiple SolChick NFTs from their Solana wallets. Players begin as a Talonyr, a young aspirant hoping to join the SolChick Braves in the Lightfeather Village. Lightfeather Village serves as the main hub, introducing the main characters and the backstory, and allowing players to interact with the NPCs who provide quests and quest rewards. 

Some of the game's other core features, such as blacksmithing and selling merchandise on the marketplace, are also handled by the NPCs in Lightfeather Village. From there, players can participate in PvE adventure mode or PvP for rewards. The combat and gameplay are in classical action RPG fashion, with party mechanics, skills, consumables, and overall builds with synergistic equipment making all the difference in battles.

The main PVE mode that spans multiple chapters is Adventure Mode. There are approximately ten zones within each chapter. Each chapter represents a unique location on Planet Mellow (the game's world), and each zone inside a chapter has a different setting. In each chapter, players battle various monsters and enemies relevant to their level and skill to earn various rewards such as SHARDS, SolCoin, weapon/equipment NFTs, food, and so on. 

At the end of each chapter, players compete against a raid boss, who is usually the chapter's main villain, for a larger reward. Players can also team up with other players in PvE raid mode to kill these bosses in more challenging difficulties, granting higher rewards that can be monetized.

In PVP battle mode, the game will record each player using the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system, which will increase each player's MMR as they win and complete objectives. After a battle, players will be rewarded with a loot box containing SHARDS, SolCoins, items, and equipment. The winner receives a larger portion of the overall loot. MMR will be adjusted as well based on the outcome of the battle.

Primary stats will be the primary determinant of a SolChick's power level, and they will be primarily obtained by leveling up the SolChick's NFT (with additional bonuses from NFT traits), and they will be further enhanced by equipment equipped to the character in the game. There are six primary types.

Primary stats (Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Mentality, and Resistance). will be the primary determinant of a SolChick's power level, and they will be primarily obtained by leveling up the SolChick's NFT (with additional bonuses from NFT traits), and they will be further enhanced by equipment equipped to the character in the game. On top of that, here are active, passive, and effect-triggered skills that SolChick NFTs can use. 

These skills can be acquired by spending skill books to bind skills to weapons and equipment. These equipment and weapons can be found in adventuring and PvP; they can also be augmented and minted as NFTs to be later sold in the marketplace. There are also daily, weekly, and one-time main missions with various rewards and challenges for players to earn and diversify their rewards.

Feeding their SolChicks allows players to interact with them. Although SolChicks cannot starve to death, there are consequences if they go unfed for an extended period of time. Likewise, there will be advantages if the player feeds their Solchicks regularly. SolChicks NFTs with higher rarity tiers (Legendary being the highest) will have bonuses such as a higher in-game reward of SolCoin, SHARDS, and equipment, as well as more in-game bonus stat points earned from playing. 

NFTs with higher overall rarities are more likely to have rarer traits with higher bonus stat points in the game. Higher-rarity NFTs will also receive unique quests and special abilities. Players who own two SolChicks NFTs will be able to breed a new SolChicks NFT on the official website for a fee of CHICKS and SHARDS tokens to create SolChicks with unique attributes. All of these NFTs can be sold in the in-game marketplace, and an official NFT scholarship utility is also available for players who don’t want to fully commit to buying a SolChick NFT.

Lastly, players can take advantage of the SolChicks NFT mini-game on Solana, the Dungeon Escape to earn SHARD rewards.

Token Information

CHICKS is a SolChicks governance token that, along with the utility token SHARDS, is required for breeding SolChicks NFTs. SolChicks NFT holders can also earn CHICKS from the game by completing special quests and missions or ranking high on the weekly leaderboard. SHARDS is a utility token that SolChicks NFT holders can earn by winning PVE and PVP battles, completing daily and weekly missions, and so on. It can be spent on purchasing a variety of in-game items, from consumables to equipment. Although SHARDS will be listed on various crypto exchanges, the primary supply of SHARDS will come solely from the game in the form of game rewards, and the governance token CHICKS will be limited to an amount of 10 billion.

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Private (Kommunitas)-$0.04$30,000750,00010% unlock at the TGE 3 months cliff, linear vesting over 12 months


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