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Souls of Meta

Souls of Meta

In Development
Action, RPG


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Souls of Meta is a play-to-earn blockchain-based Action RPG that utilizes the BNB chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, SOM and SMP. It is a multi-chain Action-RPG NFT Gaming Metaverse taking place in a Fantasy setting. The game requires an initial investment in NFTs to play. Players can monetize NFT assets through community-created realms, fight monsters, collaborate with other players in PvE and PvP and explore quests.


Souls of Meta are the playable NFT characters living in SoulVerse. Players can use these characters to explore the mysteries of the game’s universe, fight the evil Yama's Horde, and find Sphere of Souls fragments to uncover the game’s story.

The game consists of PvE, PvP, and mini-game modes. Each play mode has multiple levels that will be placed in different Realms. Realms are thematic locations that bring new assets, visuals, and quest lines into the game. Players will have to go through them individually as the difficulty increases with every unlocked Realm. Realms will change the visual setting and the monsters that attack the players as they progress. Players will also be able to contribute and design their own Realms through a create-to-earn model where they can get royalties after other players complete their levels.

After starting in the town, players can go on to explore different game modes, complete town quests, and build up their towns. This is where they can level up their characters and participate in different game actions from upgrading their weapons and gear to forming guilds and attending clan events.

In PVE, players can experience the story mode either solo or with up to three other players in co-op. They can raid procedurally generated dungeons in the same manner against increasingly difficult enemies to earn higher rewards. Lastly, in castle defense mode, players can team up with up to 10 players or friends, defend a castle against a seemingly unending wave of hordes, and only manage to get out with the loot if they last through the last wave. 

The players can select up to 3 NFT characters with the most compatible skillset to beat the upcoming levels. In these levels, they can encounter puzzles like collecting mystery artifacts or unlocking doors that require different abilities from characters. They can find NPCs that give them bonus objectives and so on.

There are three PvP modes in which players can attend. Gold Arena offers players to team up against other players in an arena-style map with barricades and mazes where they compete for a treasure of SMP tokens. NFT arena is a higher stake mode where players stake their NFTs before going into battle, and the winners take the losers' NFTs.To enter these contests, players will need to buy entry tickets with SOM tokens. Lastly, a battle royale mode with different player counts of 5v5 to 20v20 where players will try to be the last one standing in an environment where they battle against the AI as well as each other. All of these game modes will reward players with SMP tokens, NFTs, and character XP.

In Souls of Meta every item, land, and character is an NFT. Thus players can pursue other avenues of income, they can buy and develop NFT lands to increase their staking yields. They can upgrade their characters to other rarities as well as all of their in-game items with NFT scrolls for upgrading items and character fusion mechanics to create even more powerful heroes by combining their lower-tier heroes. These are all tradable in the game's marketplace.

Token Information

SOM  is the utility token for IGO and INO, for shareholders, marketplace and advertisements, all in-game transactions, and staking rewards. SMP is the governance token of the game. It is used for all voting and governance rights and is the only token to be rewarded in-game, it can be swapped for SOM tokens and can also be traded in the crypto exchanges.

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IDO (GameZone)Not set$0.008--10% on TGE, 1m cliff, 3m linear vest
Pricate (TrustPad)16-17 Aug 2022$0.006$96,24916,041,6668% release at TGE followed by 1-month lock and 11-month linear vesting

Private 2 (DAOLaunch)3-4 May 2022$0.006$50,0008,333,33310% on TGE, 1 month cliff, linear vesting over 3 months

PrivateNot set$0.006$540,00064,333,3338% on TGE, 1m cliff, 11m linear vest

Strategic-$0.004$300,00075,000,0006% on TGE, 2m cliff, 13m linear vest

Seed-$0.002$180,00090,000,0004% on TGE, 3m cliff, 15m linear vest


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