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SOUNI is a play-to-earn blockchain-based MMORPG that utilizes the BNB chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, SON, and SRC. In SOUNI, players will explore islands in a fantasy world of warriors, magicians, dragons, elements, and spirits where they battle and build and monetize their rewards.


Players begin their journey in the land of SOUNI, where they are tasked with defeating dragons that spawned from misuse of magic. In this MMORPG world, players will explore islands with their heroes, explore PvE storyline, compete with thousands of online players, build up their battle teams, and form their own island and business center in order to interact with other players. 

In the SOUNI world, each character belongs to one of the following five elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark. These elements have power relations and can be strategically used to change the flow of battle. These elements are each other's counters, for example, Fire element deals extra damage to Wind element and so forth. Players will progress through this learning curve and will form synergetic parties to win their battles. Characters will have four skill slots ranging from passive, active to rage, and as they meet the requirements to unlock the fourth slot, the characters will also change in appearance, becoming specialized heroes as the players progress.

SOUNI’s character creation system delves deep into subclasses and allows for hybrid classification or a classless system. A total of 125 characters are available in-game, a player with a knight hero as its base class can turn it into a Paladin if they choose to pick buffing skills or into a spearman with the right skills and weapons. Characters will keep evolving in different combinations, taking bonuses from their subclasses as they progress. Keeping in mind the element bases of heroes and their changing rarity level from common to rare, numerous combinations can be made.

To increase combat power and improve the victory rate of a match, players will equip different equipment ranging from weapons, boots, and armor to necklaces and pendants. Each character has six types of equipment in total that correspond to ATK, HP, Magic DEF, Physical DEF. Equipment can be obtained from defeating monsters or gathering fragments and can be enhanced by SON token and sold in the marketplace for auctions as NFTs.

SOUNI consists of two modes of PvE and PvP. In PVE mode, players will assemble squads and fight monsters and bosses. They will receive rewards for their success as they progress through many levels with different difficulties, from normal to purgatory. Higher the level, the higher the token and NFT rewards. Players will arrange for their characters' battle formation, and the rest will be played out by the game AI.

PvP arena allows the players to freely show off their skills to compete against online players and receive the valuable rewards, including NFTs, SON, game items, and valuable NFT fragments. There is a ranking system in place for each arena season. With seven different categories to compete in, these are: Arena Ranking, Battle Rank, Rank Ranking ,Guild Ranking ,Points Ranking, Pinnacle Hall of Fame, Secret Realm Points Ranking

To keep participating in in-game actions players will need stamina. In SOUNI, Stamina is a resource that is consumed every time players battle in Adventure in PvE. Each battle costs 5 Stamina. The initial stamina regeneration rate is 0, and players will need to stake a defined minimum amount of SON tokens for 24 hours to regenerate their levels and keep playing. As they reach the lowest level, automatic regeneration becomes activated, and this process can be sped up by staking or raising players’ heroes' stamina levels as they level up.

Equipment can be crafted via a crafting system by bringing together fragments and can be turned into NFTs by advancing them with SON tokens and in-game Holy Ash resource. Owned NFTs can be traded on the marketplace in auctions in exchange for SON or SRC.

Token Information

SON holders can exchange from SON to in-game currency SRC, trade them on the marketplace, stake to claim rewards, and participate in key governance votes. They can earn them from playing:, selling items in auction, PvP, world bosses, and Champions League. SRC is the in-game currency and is only utilized in auctions. Users can also exchange BUSD for SRC at any time.


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