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Space Nation

Space Nation

Space Nation
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Space Nation is a space exploration massively multiplayer online RPG blockchain game where players take on the role of spaceship captains navigating through mysteries, challenges, and epic space battles. From maneuvering through dangerous asteroid fields to discovering ancient space ruins, Space Nation delivers a rich and immersive experience that appeals to players of all backgrounds.


Space Nation provides a comprehensive and dynamic gameplay experience, integrating survival, exploration, and combat elements. As a spaceship captain, you’ll venture through perilous and uncharted regions of space, confronting deadly pirates, discovering ancient ruins, and interacting with various alien species, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities.

The game boasts a robust economic system. Players begin by mining raw materials from space, which can be used to craft equipment and spaceships. As you advance, trading becomes a key gameplay aspect, allowing you to engage in commerce with NPCs or trade with other players to establish your economic presence in the cosmos. The trade dynamics are enhanced by the option to join guilds, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Whether you aim to be a savvy trader, a formidable pirate, or a valiant hero, the guild system accommodates diverse playstyles.

Combat in Space Nation is strategic and skill-based. The game features intense PvE missions, challenging PvP skirmishes, and grand GvGvE confrontations. Victory requires more than just superior firepower; strategic planning, teamwork, and skill are crucial. Players can customize their spaceships with various upgrades and weapons, tailoring their combat style to their preferences.

Exploration is a key element of Space Nation. As you traverse the galaxy, you’ll deploy beacons to mark points of interest, which can be traded with other captains, adding a strategic and interactive layer. The thrill of discovery is ever-present, with hidden treasures, ancient ruins, and mysterious anomalies waiting to be found.

Space Nation ensures a smooth onboarding process for new players. Start by visiting the Space Nation website and logging in to your account. Connect your digital wallet, especially if you have an Alpha Gate, to unlock exclusive content. Redeem any codes to gain access, then download and install the game launcher. Once installed, launch the game, log in, and embark on your interstellar adventure. Participate in 10v10 battles from the harbor lobby and experience the excitement of cosmic warfare.

Token Information

CHR is the in-game currency for Space Nation Online, serving as the medium of exchange between players and the game environment. As the game grows, the supply and demand for CHR fluctuate. To maintain price stability, a fixed issuance plan or a fixed number of tokens is not used. Instead, the total and circulating amount of CHR is dynamically adjusted based on scientific measurements and management techniques, employing multiple mechanisms to address both supply and demand sides of the market.

Initially, CHR will follow on-chain logic but will remain off-chain for the first several months after the launch of Space Nation Online. Once the in-game ecosystem has matured and stabilized, a decision will be made on whether it is feasible to bring CHR on-chain.

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