Space War

Space War

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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Arcade, Action

ForthBox (FBX)

$0.00329001 (4.54%)
Developer ForthBox
Volume $36.89 K




Space War is a blockchain-based arcade shooter game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its NFT spaceships and cryptocurrency, FBX. The game is the first game developed by the ForthBox team for the ForthBox platform. Players need to own at least one Ham NFT, a fighter NFT, and some coins to start playing the game.


In the game, players control NFT fighter ships, and they are essential to destroy enemies and collect coins throughout the map. In total, there are 10.000 fighter spaceships in the game with different rarity levels such as N, R, SR, and SSR. The rarity level of the spaceship corresponds to different attack power, coin obtaining capability, equipment obtaining capability, and lastly, health. Players can upgrade their spaceships to improve these attributes to a maximum of level 20 by using coins.

Space War offers 45 levels to its players, and as the level increases, the game's difficulty level and the potential reward increase accordingly. Players encounter a boss at every four levels and an ultimate super boss at level 45. Each game consumes 200 coins, and each fighter NFT has five chances to participate in challenges per day. Also, a player can play the game with only six different fighters from a single wallet address every day.

Players can earn rewards in Space War from the point bonus mechanism. The points, aka hash rate, are a player's personal performance rating. Each day, the hash rate resets, and players earn rewards according to their performance. The total number of fighters participating also affects the total hash rate. To sum up, a player will be rewarded according to their performance compared to all players.

Token Information

Space War adopts the FBX token as its official cryptocurrency, however, the in-game currency coin is at play most of the time. The coin is used for participating in the game and upgrading NFT fighters. It is also the reward currency of the game. Players can exchange FBX tokens for obtaining in-game coins and vice versa at a ratio of 1:10. 

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Space War

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