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Mon Studios
MMO, RPG, Metaverse
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Spellborne is an MMORPG blockchain game that features monster capturing, where players explore a rich world filled with diverse creatures to capture, items to craft, quests to complete, and more. The game is available on PC and Mac.


Spellborne engages players in a dynamic story shaped by their in-game decisions. In the vast wilderness, players encounter wild monsters, hunters, and rival teams, each offering unique challenges and rewards. A sync crystal allows players to capture wild monsters, and interacting with hunters and teams provides opportunities to train these creatures.

Combat in Spellborne uses a strategic turn-based system that emphasizes player strategy and monster knowledge. Players must carefully select moves and tactics for each battle, ensuring their monsters are prepared for the challenges.

For the adventurous, sending monsters on expeditions offers risks and rewards. Equipped with health and stamina packs, monsters can embark on expeditions that yield valuable experience and items. However, failed expeditions may result in monsters being temporarily lost, adding an element of risk.

The game also includes activities such as farming and fishing. Farming allows players to grow various fruits with unique in-game roles, such as creating scents to attract or repel specific monsters. Seeds for farming can be obtained through battles, quests, or purchases and require planting, nurturing, and harvesting.

Fishing in lakes and rivers can uncover fish and items like seeds, crystals, and trash, which can be crafted into useful items for battles and other activities.

Players can own customizable in-game lands, which serve as communal spaces for hosting events and interacting with others. These lands provide passive health boosts to housed monsters over time and offer strategic and economic advantages through renting out rest slots.

To enhance replayability, Spellborne features various minigames where players can earn skins through daily missions, high scores, and quests. For example, Pandoro Run challenges players to guide Pandoro through obstacles while collecting diamonds.

Spellborne is currently accessible via web browsers, with future releases planned for iOS and Android. As a free-to-play MMORPG, Spellborne allows all players to explore its immersive world without financial barriers, starting their journey with a unique starter monster.

Token Information

Spellborne operates on a blockchain-based economy that uses tokens for in-game transactions. These tokens can be used to purchase items, upgrade monsters, and participate in the marketplace for trading NFTs. The rarity and attributes of each NFT determine its value, making strategic acquisition and trading crucial for maximizing gameplay advantages.

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