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Three Towers
Card, Strategy


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Spellfire is a play-to-earn blockchain collectible card game where players can own NFT cards and earn SPELLFIRE tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Spellfire is originally a physical card game that is out of print and is based on the ever popular Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Spellfire is a card game that can be played by two or more players who battle against each other. Players build their own decks with cards that have different powers that can change the tide of the battle. The goal of the game for each player is to build an empire by drawing cards and placing them on the battlefield. While building their empire with their cards, players have to destroy other players' realms while defending their own. Realms are the arenas that represent each player. The game ends when a player has six realms that are active or if a player runs out of cards, which results in the player with the least defeated realms winning.

The champion cards can be used to attack or defend a realm. They are categorized into seven types; heroes, monsters, wizards, psionicists, thieves, and regents. Champions can be strengthened by playing support cards such as allies, events, spells, psionic powers, thief skills, blood abilities, magical items, and artifacts.

Players take turns in order to perform actions. Each turn has several phases that the players can skip if they choose to do so. Every turn, players can draw three cards, can play a realm, can play cards and powers, can attack one opponent’s realm, and can adjust their hand size. There is a rule called The Rule of Cosmos that must be obeyed; only one of each card can be in play at any time during the game. Players cannot play the same card in their deck if one is in play, even if they are the upgraded versions of the same card. 

Players can earn SPELLFIRE tokens and gain experience simply by playing the game. They can purchase NFT cards in order to grow their collection and incorporate different gameplay styles. NFT cards have various rarities, with legendary being the rarest. Each legendary card only has one copy, making them very valuable. The game can also be played with non-NFT cards, but the players won’t be able to participate in the play-to-earn features of the game.

Token Information

SPELLFIRE tokens can be earned through winning battles and selling NFT cards in the marketplace. They are also used to trade and exchange cards with other players. Players can purchase tickets to events and tournaments using SPELLFIRE tokens. They are offered as a reward and can be staked for further profits.


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IEO (Huobi Primelist)27-27 Jan 2022$0.025$200,0008,000,00020% on TGE, then 20% on a quarterly basis
640,000,000Market cap: $1,081,200$16,000,000
IDO (GameFi)26-26 Jan 2022$0.025$250,00010,000,00020% on TGE, then 20% on a quarterly basis

Circulating Supply: 43,248,000
IDO (DAO Maker)21-25 Jan 2022$0.025$245,0009,800,00020% on TGE, then 20% on a quarterly basis

Private-$0.025$3,000,000120,000,00015% on TGE, 3 months cliff, then 4.25% on a monthly basis

Seed-$0.016$819,20051,200,00010% on TGE, 3 months cliff, then 3.75% on a monthly basis


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